To routine or not to routine.

Warning! These are my opinions on my own skin journey. I am in no way a doctor in any form. I promise.

Hello my little rebels! So everyone has a routine in their daily life right? Or am I crazy? Well to be more specific, I’m talking about a beauty routine with washing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, etc. What’s right? what’s wrong? So the simple answer is, what ever your skin decides to accept because not all skin accepts everything you throw on it. For me, I’m a combination skin type gal. I don’t have sensitive skin, but my skin has let me know if it doesn’t like what I’m doing. A lot of my skin care products come from BoxyCharm and it causes me to jump around all over the place introducing new products to my skin constantly. I also try to keep in mind my age and what it needs. Key word is “try” here so welcome to the #myskinjourney!

Daily: So I’m not a morning person. I take showers at night and I don’t wash my face in the morning. I literally have 0 routine when it comes to the morning. Is this wrong? Yes? I’m sure it is. If I do take a shower in the morning (late night and cant be bothered to shower before bed) it’s the same as my night time shower routine: Facewash, toner, serum and moisturizer. Depending on how I feel, sometimes just wash, toner and moisturizer.

  • Fourth Ray Beauty: AM to the PM Gel Cleanser ColourPop $12 – This was on my Top 3 list on my homepage last week. It’s not over drying or oily. Just right for my combo skin!
  • Sunday Riley: Good Genes (lactic acid treatment) BoxyCharm $85 (MSRP) – I used this as a serum. Pros: smelled good (citrusy) and my skin absorbed this so well. Cons: If you had a cut or open pimple, it’s gonna sting and the price. I’d never pay this price. I really didn’t notice a difference in my skin (but thanks BoxyCharm for spoiling me!).
  • Avant Skincare (moisturizer) BoxyCharm $123 (MSRP) – I would never pay this price as well but it was nice to get in my box. It’s not even that big and it didn’t make me look 10 yrs younger. For that price it should at least bring my groceries in! This has a heavy fragrance – I loved it but fragrance has been known to be a high irritant and bad for your skin. Allegedly.
  • Dr. Brandt: Antioxidant Spray Toner BoxyCharm $40 (MSRP) – I’m sold on the spray toners. I don’t need to pull out the cotton pads and smash this all over my face. To be fair, if you’re using a moisturizing soap, you don’t need the toner to reintroduce moisture back into your skin so this is a step you may not need. The more you know…

Removing Makeup: I go 1 of 2 ways. I’m either doing the makeup eraser (super soft cloth that you wet with water and wipe the day away. Toss in the washer after a couple of uses.) or Micellar water. Make sure you remove all makeup before you head to bed, I wish I was better at this. Working on it.

  • Tarte: Micellar Magic (makeup remover & cleanser) BoxyCharm $18 (MSRP) – This stuff is great. I love the pump on top where you can push down with your cotton pad to dispense the liquid and wipe all of your bad decisions away for the day! Also if you’re an idiot like me and you get some in your eye, it doesn’t burn as much. I feel like that’s a win? I’ve heard that all micellar water is created equal so when this runs out I’ll grab a something a bit more affordable and see if it works just as well.
  • Biore: Free Your Pores Charcoal (makeup remover) Walmart $11.25 (full size) – So this was a gift and it’s a tiny little bottle. Tiny things are adorable aren’t they? So this one is a little burny in your eye if it ends up there. Maybe I need to be more careful? Maybe you need to worry about yourself? I don’t know, surprise me maybe? Nice to travel with but I don’t think I’ll purchase the full size.

2 x’s Weekly: Exfoliation. Ok here me out. Exfoliation – super hot topic. Is it safe for your skin? Or are you causing more damage then it’s worth? I try to be mindful with the exfoliant, meaning, I look for one that doesn’t include shards of shells (walnut) that have been ground up for your faces displeasure. I have some redness/pigmentation on my cheeks and I’ve tried to get away from really harsh exfoliants that can cause it to get worse. Some have been known to cause micro scratches (or whatever the fuck it’s called, not a doctor). Right now I’m using a slightly intense exfoliant once a week (it can get warm and tingle) and another tame exfoliant that I use 3 to 4 days later so they aren’t damaging more then I need. I also use a moisturizing sleeping mask on my “exfoliant” days. They’re heavy so I don’t use a lot on my face, maybe a pea size amount.

  • Glow Recipe: Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask Sephora $49 – I bought this and at first I was like “oh damn she thiccc!” So I use this twice a week and very little at a time. I really do love this entire line of products – I don’t need to use a lot so I’ll have this stuff for awhile. Since I’m pretty much out of my daily stuff I’ll be moving on to the entire line of Glow Recipe I have purchased or got through BoxyCharm. I’ll blog on that as soon as I have a solid amount of time using it 🙂
  • Kate Somerville: ExfoliKate Intensive Pore Exfoliating Treatment BoxyCharm $88 (MSRP) – This is no joke that this a bit intense. I use this once a week. It gets a little warm and tingles so if that makes you uncomfortable, please don’t buy this. I’ve gotten this as a sample from Sephora before and I’d grab the sample if you can. However, my skin is super soft afterwards and I do like that.
  • Tula Skincare: So Poreless Deep Exfoliating Blackhead Scrub BoxyCharm $32 (MSRP) – This smells like berries and it isn’t as intense as good old Kate up there. I use her once a week days after I use the Kate one.

Once a week: Face masks, I’m a little more laid back about. I’ve used $1 masks all the way to $100 (thanks again BoxyCharm!) and the 1 package of expensive face masks were amazing but the middle one works just as well. I’m pretty confident that putting a mask on your face, laying down for 20 min in a quiet place is going to make the mask feel like the hero. Especially if you’re living a chaotic as fuck life. I stick with the cotton masks just saturated in serum – retinol or hyaluronic acid. I normally apply after a shower and before make up application. Some of these get too sticky to do before bed (stickiness makes my skin crawl, especially on my neck when I’m trying to sleep). They say the more tackier and sticky your skin is, the better application and hold for makeup staying power. I approve this message!

Revive: Anti-Fog Detoxifying Face Mask – This was a gift but I’m pretty sure this was a dollar store mask. They’re ok but I know the ingredients aren’t always the most “beneficial” so make sure you take a look at the ingredient list before tossing it on your gorgeous face. For allergies sake!

111 Skin: Rose Gold Brightening Facial Mask BoxyCharm $135 (MSRP) – *sigh* at least you get 5 right? So these are amazing for a face mask. I hate that I fell in love with them. These are a delicate “gel” mask that you put on your face. I use these for big events where I need my makeup flawless and last allll night. To be honest, if you’re struggling with your make up routine, use a face mask (preferably one where it’s a cotton face sheet soaked with a “serum” that you pat into your skin after it sitting for 20 min). This will make a HUGE difference on how your makeup sits and stays!

The Creme Shop: Slow Down Skin TJ MAXX $4 – 3 pack. No shame here but I got them because they were sloth faces. The Creme Shop is a Korean brand of skin care. Their face masks are ok but I wouldn’t run to grab them. They’re more fun then they benefit me personally.

Vitamasques: Multivitamin Mask BoxyCharm or FabFitFun (sorry can’t remember) $35 – Again, this came in a 5 pack. They were what they said they were. Another sheet mask drenched in serum. Again, this one was also great to use before my make up routine.

Etude House: Collagen Eye Patch Amazon $9.20 – LOVE these. I actually love eye patches in general (not a pirate reference). Loaded with serum. Slap em on and chill out! I need to use these more before I put make up on since I have fine lines and any moisture I can add before make up is great!

Heed my warnings – Leave your beauty standards at the door and stop looking for the fountain of youth. Unless you go under the knife, get Botox or fillers to alter your appearance, that jar of cream isn’t working miracles. No matter the price tag or the fancy claims of “saw visibly less wrinkles in 14 days…” The game here is to find skin care that makes you feel confident when you look in the mirror. If your skin is loving what you’re dishing out it will shine through, but please don’t be misguided with the smoke and mirrors act companies try to sell you. Most of all HAVE FUN with it! Again, what works for me, may not for you so get out there and find your happiness in the ever evolving world of skin care!

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