BoxyCharm April 2021

So as I’m sitting here waiting so patiently to hear the scuffle of a package at my front door, I’ll introduce you to the 1 makeup/beauty subscription box I keep mentioning, BoxyCharm. Currently I’m subscribed to the Base Box (monthly) & Boxy Luxe (Quarterly in place of my base box – March, June, Sept & Dec.) I pay $25 a month for base and $50 for the quarterly Luxe box. Base box gets you 5 FULL sized products (average value $175+) and Luxe gets you 8+ FULL sized products (average value $395+). They also have a Premium box that just replaces the base box ( @ $35 per month, 6 products for $215+ value) but the Base box monthly works for me just fine. Every month I get to pick 1 product of my choice and quarterly they allow 2 choices for the Luxe box. There’s also 3 quizzes to complete on the website to taylor boxes to meet as many of your needs as possible: Beauty, Complexion & Hair. So far so good with matching me to my boxes. Sometimes there’s a couple of hits and misses but I store those away in their package to gift to friends. They also have a ‘pop-up’ feature after you make your choices – this is a list of products from boxes at a fraction of the cost in stores. Since the makeup/beauty platform is so incredibly saturated and overwhelming, BoxyCharm helps me venture out and try new stuff I may not of heard about or is up and coming.

Check it out: (this is a referral link but I am in no way sponsored by BoxyCharm).

Now without further ado, the box has come and I’m pretty happy with it. Here’s a visual for your eye balls:

So this box was named “Sweet Treats” – very much a spring vibe if you will. Since I redo my quizzes every so often, this box is skin care, makeup and well…lashes. What category do you put lashes in? Tools? Accessories? Whatever, comment below. Lets get to the meat and potatoes here people…

  • Farmacy | Honey Grail Ultra – Hydrating Face Oil. Ok this smells like straight up honey! I want to love it. I really do. My skin just refuses to accept oil. I feel greasy and it won’t absorb. I’m going to research this because maybe I’m doing something wrong or using it at the incorrect step of my routine. Again, my skin just may say “nay nay” and I need to accept it. I’ll find a good “dry skin” home for her if that’s the case (MSRP $48).
  • Touch In Sol | Pretty Filter Icy Sherbet Primer. So Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird! Its a super thick “gel or jelly” consistency but once you start applying it to your face it melts down to more of a liquid and then it has a cooling effect. Chemistry. What is this sorcery??? Anywho, applied delightfully! No “pilling” or making my makeup separate from itself (its a thing and it’s literally the worst). Good primer I say but I’m going to use it 12 ways from Sunday to make sure it’s a solid product (MSRP $32).
  • Mally Beauty | Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra (Timeless Taupe). I have to admit, this was the only product I didn’t use. Shadow sticks crease on me constantly and the color is of the taupe family. This kind of bores me. When I swatched it, and it got me thinking, nose contour hmmmmmm? Don’t mind if I do! Its small enough for a precise application and it seems to blend but will it interrupt the rest of my makeup? We shall see (MSRP $25).
  • Flirtacious Looks Cosmetics | Monarch Lash Pack. It isn’t you Lash Pack, it’s me. I definitely need more patience in the lash department. If I can’t get them on the way I want them in 2 tries, they go in the garbage. Immediately. These haven’t made it that far because I know it’s me and they’re really pretty. They come with a lash applicator and 2 sets of lashes. All you need is glue and the ability to NOT glue your eyes shut #lashstruggles. I’m going to conquer the damn thing and update at a later time (MSRP $38).
  • KNDR Beauty | Kinder Glow Highlighting Palette. Really pretty compact of quad highlighters. This comes with 1 “marble” effect and 3 “universal” shades. “Universal” means they believe these will look great on any skin tone. Nay nay friend. The bottom 2 will be too dark for me BUT don’t fret, if you receive or buy something like this you can use the darker shades (or whatever shades don’t work for you) as eye shadows. Repurpose the damn thing! This applied well on the high cheekbones, tip of nose, cupids bow, brow bone and the inner corner of the eye (MSRP $15).

This box came to a total retail value of $158. Even if I didn’t love everything in the box, it’s well worth $25 a month to try out new stuff. Tell me what you think in the comment section below and also let me know if you’d like to see swatches of the makeup products! If you’re thinking about trying BoxyCharm, don’t forget to click the affiliation link so I can snatch some points!

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