Skin Care From Dollar Tree?

Bolero of Beverly Hills

It’s been a minute I know! But let’s get back into the swing of things, shall we? I’ve been playing around with a few things and the skin care line from Bolero of Beverly Hills was one of them. I know, skin care from the Dollar Tree? Why on earth would I put that on my face? My precious precious face? Well, so you don’t have to of course! Listed below are ALL of the products I tried for about a month. I tried to go to as many stores as I could to get the biggest range of products. Boy do they have a huge line! I would like to also mention they do have a bath line & hair care (i.e. bath bombs and soaks) but I hate baths so I didn’t try any of that and I can’t risk my delicate hair right at this moment. I know fragrance is a huge no no for some people so I listed below where fragrance stood on the ingredient list. As always, look at the ingredients before purchase if you have skin allergies. Let’s get started!

(from left to right) After Shower Cream Lychee + Rose Body Yogurt, Rose Water + Honey Facial Scrub, Facial Cleansing Balm Honey + Chamomile Extract & Facial Wash Chamomile Cucumber
  • After Shower Cream Lychee + Rose Body Yogurt 5 oz.: So this has a really good smell to it if you like the smell of rose. Lychee tends to have a floral fruit smell to it so it got a little lost against the rose. This wasn’t a really thick cream and I generally used this on my elbows, feet and knees before I put on a gradual tanner. It did the job making sure none of the tanner built up in those areas. Fragrance was 12th of 16 ingredients. Would I get it again? I have so many lotions and it really didn’t do anything special but I did enjoy the smell. It didn’t have a “cheap” smell or chemical smell that some dollar store products can have.
  • Rose Water + Honey Facial Scrub 5 fl. oz.: This rose smell was light and I liked that. However, that was all I liked about this. This has pecan shell in it and they were pretty large pieces. I did use this once a week and I was very gentle, using circular motions while applying this. If you have sensitive skin, I do NOT suggest this product. It also felt like I was applying lotion to my face. I personally don’t like that feeling when it’s supposed to be a “cleanser” of sorts so I felt a little oily after but I just went with it. I believe it felt that way because it does contain mineral oil and for me, that can get a little too oily. Fragrance was 14th of 18 ingredients. Would I get it again? No. I’m going to toss this in the trash. So far I’m out a dollar, and I’m totally fine with that. Sacrifice of the job eh?
  • Facial Cleansing Balm Honey + Chamomile Extract 1.7 fl. oz.: Smell was a clean smell, very simple nothing crazy. Besides me trying all of these products, I also watched other people review a lot of this stuff too. They all hated this product and this was probably my favorite. I’ve been testing a couple different cleansing balms while I’ve been away and this one doesn’t leave my face oily after. I’d definitely use a micellar water on your eyes to loosen eye liner, mascara, or stubborn eye shadow first, then use this balm. It’s also not as thick, more of a gel like consistency so that’s different but remember it’s still only $1, it’s not fancy. A Lot of the cleansing balms I’ve tried, force me to do a 2nd cleansing step because they leave an oily feeling after I rinse it off (Summer isn’t a good time for me to add extra oil in my skincare regime). Fragrance was 7th of 11 ingredients. Would I get it again? Yes. I will probably try and pick these up every time I see them. There isn’t a large amount of product but I still think it’s worth the $1.
  • Facial Wash Chamomile Cucumber 5 fl. oz.: Again, this was a simple smell, just clean that’s it! This was a lot thinner consistency then a normal gel face wash. I think I lost quite a bit of product trying to get the cap screwed back on after I poured it in my hand. I wasn’t a huge fan of this product but it didn’t dry my face out and if I wasn’t wearing make up that day, it did a decent job at removing the normal yuck off my face (sweat & unwanted oil). Fragrance was 9th of 18 ingredients. Would I get it again? I don’t think so. It didn’t do anything I couldn’t do with a micellar water to be honest. I also thought it was way too thin of a consistency.
(from left to right) Overnight Detox Cream Lychee + Coconut Water, Facial Cream Chamomile Cucumber, Hydrating Concentrated Elixir Banana + Coconut Milk, Moisturizing Milk Serum Strawberry + Hemp Seed, Firming Milk Serum Hyaluronic Acid + Squalene, Jelly Nutrient Mist Lychee + Coconut Water, Facial Gel Hydrator Cucumber + Aloe & Awakening Eye Cream Pineapple + Cucumber. Not pictured: Facial Toner Lychee + Coconut Water.
  • Overnight Detox Cream Lychee + Coconut Water .5 fl. oz.: I used this as a moisturizer at night. I liked how my skin absorbed it and didn’t make my face oily once it sunk in. I used a pea size amount (directions said dime but you’d only get maybe 5 uses out of it and pea size was perfect for my face and neck). The Lychee + Coconut Water was my favorite line when it came to smell. Fragrance was 15th of 18 ingredients. Would I buy this again? So in this section of products, I’m going to tell you my findings and opinions in my closing statement. This way I don’t have to repeat myself after every product.
  • Facial Cream Chamomile Cucumber 3 fl. oz.: Smell was clean nothing crazy heavy. However, this was the equivalent to putting cheap lotion on your face (I have put lotion on my face in desperate times lol). It didn’t sink in over the other products and it just stayed right on the surface. I only used this a couple of times and put it aside. I suppose I could use it as a purse lotion for my hands but I’m not super hard pressed to do so. Fragrance was 12th of 15 ingredients.
  • Hydrating Concentrated Elixir Banana + Coconut Milk 1.7 fl. oz.: ***Warning*** This smells like candy bananas. I personally love this smell so just a heads up! I did notice none of these products really gave you a direction of what order these products go in. I just used the consistency rule – thinner products before thick. During the morning/day I would treat this as a moisturizer after I applied my serum. Again, I was super surprised this didn’t leave me oily or dry. Sunk in with no issues! Fragrance was 10th of 16 ingredients.
  • Moisturizing Milk Serum Strawberry + Hemp Seed 1 fl. oz.: This was a cloudy thin consistency serum. The smell was close to the clean chamomile products. I did alternate between this serum and the one below to give them a fair chance in the race. Since this was a very thin (almost watery) consistency, this had no issues sinking into my skin. I definitely had to use a moisturizer after this or it wouldn’t of been enough moisture to keep my skin hydrated. Fragrance was 9th of 18 ingredients.
  • Firming Milk Serum Hyaluronic Acid + Squalene 1 fl. oz.: These serums were very close in smell so I will call this one as “clean” smelling as well. These 2 were absolutely identical actually! The only difference was an ingredient or 2. Fragrance was 9th of 18 ingredients.
  • Jelly Nutrient Mist Lychee + Coconut Water 4 fl. oz.: ***WARNING*** this contains glitter! Full transparency here, I used this once. The sprayer on this is awful. It literally assaults you in the face with waaaay too much product in one area and then goes and dries down sticky (I mean the audacity right?). I personally don’t mind that it contains fine glitter but for a lot of people that’s a no go. It also has a thicker consistency than the serums. Now that I’m thinking about it this might be a good step before I apply my foundation? Maybe? I mean it’s a dollar so what have I got to lose besides a dollar and a bad make up day? Been there and will most likely have plenty more. Fragrance is 12th of 14 ingredients.
  • Facial Gel Hydrator Cucumber & Aloe 2.5 fl. oz.: So this is a product that’s comparable to aloe gel you slather on sunburns to relieve the heat and pain. I did use this as a “moisturizer” a few times and it wasn’t really playing well with the other skincare products. It would also make my foundation start to “pill,” so this was a no go before make up. It was also too drying to use alone. There would definitely have to be an additional moisturizing product to go with it. Fragrance is 9th of 14 ingredients.
  • Awakening Eye Cream Pineapple + Cucumber .5 fl. oz.: For some reason this has a bubblegum smell to it. I don’t know how that happened but it could just be me. I didn’t see any positive effects from this one. This had a slightly thinner consistency than the Overnight Detox Cream. I did have to stop using it because I was noticing small red bumps around the outer corners of my eyes. Once I did stop, the bumps went away. I don’t have sensitive skin but the skin around my eyes will be all telling if a product doesn’t agree with me! Fragrance was 14th of 25 ingredients.
  • (Not Pictured) Facial Toner Lychee + Coconut Water 5 fl. oz.: This didn’t come in a spray bottle and I ended up picking a small one up to put it in. I’ve been enjoying the act of spraying toner on my face as soon as I get out of the shower and lightly patting it onto my skin. I use less cotton rounds so that’s a small win for me! I had 0 issues with this toner. It isn’t oily or overly drying. You definitely need serum and moisturizer after so don’t skip those steps! Fragrance was 7th of 13 ingredients.
Pink Cactus + Watermelon Moisturizing Facial Wipes
  • Pink Cactus + Watermelon Moisturizing Facial Wipes 32 count: Alright, before you come for me, please let me start off by saying I don’t use these on my face to take makeup off. I’ve been against that for a little while now (and still am). These can be far too damaging to your skin, especially around the eye area. So why are they here? I use these to wipe my hands off when I’m swatching makeup or mixing colors on my hands. I do have glass plates for my foundation but when I need to see if colors fit my skin tone, I’ll swatch on my arm or hand. These wipes do the trick and I have a good supply of them on hand. I also appreciate that they don’t leave a residue or stickiness after and they do a solid job cleaning up spilled product (yeah I’m messy so what?). Fragrance (or parfum) were not directly listed on the packaging (odd but ok), however, the cactus and watermelon “extract” was ranked 5th and 6th out of 14 ingredients.

Ok wow – That was a pretty overwhelming list of products and if you’re still with me, I commend you! Now, here’s my final thoughts for this experiment: This line of skincare would be really great for a junior high/ high school kid that’s just trying to get into skincare or is trying to find the right sequence of products that work for them. Also a great time to test the waters of sensitivity with the fragrance or any other ingredient listed. It’s always best to incorporate 1 product at a time to see how much the skin adapts but I can’t ever take my own advice on that HA! I don’t know exactly why but the packaging drew me in and I really didn’t mind the fragrance in any of these. I know after awhile some people can adapt a sensitivity to fragrance and that’s why I mentioned what position it was on the ingredient list. I feel like the fragrance was either hitting closer in the middle to end of the list and that’s not terrible for me. Of course, lots of people prefer no fragrance at all! There was a steady amount of alcohol early in these lists which can come with dryness and allergic reactions. Bottom line, please just be careful and monitor any type of new skin care for reactions!

Now, will I buy any of this stuff again? Not as much as I did that’s for sure. I started this journey when summer just started kicking off and my skin after a few weeks was not having it! My skin changes its needs every time the weather changes and I’m over it. However, I have to go with the flow and just accept it as well. I ended up getting very noticeable black heads on both sides of my nose (I’ve never had that EVER) and I thought it could of been due to my glasses nose pads and sweat clogging everything up. I stopped using these products, exfoliated every night for a week and it went away just like that. I’ve had no issues since! I did purchase a lot more product that’s unopened so I’m going to keep them until “winter” comes and see if that’s the season it will work for my skin. I will continue to use the cleansing balm, toner and wipes since they were my favorites out of everything. I also waited to watch other reviews before I did my own research so I didn’t have any expectations going into it.

So that’s it my little rebels! Is there anything you want me to look into so you don’t have to? Let me know below or on any of my social media accounts as well. Thanks for sticking it out and I’ll see you all later. Stay classy and make good choices XOXO.


  1. cafebeauty2021

    All of these I was too scared to try, so thanks for trying them! I tried their gel facial moisturizer and it was watermelon scented I think and it broke me out sadly. But, I really recommend their agave and almond milk hair mask, it smells and feels amazing! Nothing too special of course, but I use it weekly

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