Spongebob x wet n wild pr box

Are ya ready kids?!?!?!

OOOOOOOOOOOOH WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA??? Ok that’s enough of that. Hello my little Rebels! Welcome back to whatever this is. This PR box was purchased out of pure nostalgia and lets face it, this was not a normal PR box that Wet N Wild puts out. What do I mean? Well there wasn’t the normal double ended brushes, no lip, bronzer or blush either. Thank you Wet N Wild, thank you! Change is good and I’m 100% embracing this change. Here’s what it looks like out of the box (Note: My dogs got ahold of the pineapple sponge holder and it did not survive RIP):

This entire PR box is out of stock but I purchased it for $66.49 @ ulta.com. I always look for coupons when I shop and it was originally priced at $69.99.

So it’s a lot of products, lets get into the the Nautical Nonsense palette:


“Soak up some nautical nonsense and add this Bikini Bottom – inspired palette to your everyday routine! Featuring 18 hyper-pigmented eye and face pigments in a mix of buttery-soft mattes, sparkly shimmers, gleaming satins & self-adhering multi-dimensional glitters.”


*All swatches were used on bare, clean skin. No primer was used*

CAUTIONFace Pigment is not intended for around the eye area. This is confusing to a lot of people. Let me break it down for you! Why would they include it in an eye palette? Some people can get eye irritation from the eye shadows listed as “pigmented” (also they are known to stain the eye lid) or the loose glitters have been known to cut up a cornea or 2 so please be careful when having fun with your makeup. Personally, I’ve all but shoved glitter in my eye and have never had any issues. That doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen (There’s a reason “rebel” is part of my name). The colors listed as “not eye safe” are: Sea Star, Pretty Patty, Jellyfish Jam, Gare-Bear & Secret Formula (they usually mark these names with a *). The glitters you need to be careful with are: Order up, Absorb the Love & Aye Aye Captain. This was a really good mix of mattes, shimmers and glitters. I appreciate only a couple of glitters since I don’t use them a lot (I have the “too much” gene and I never know when to stop with glitter). However, when I do use them, I attempt to use them sparingly. I was huge on the look of the shimmers in this palette! They’re super gorgeous but don’t perform like I wanted them to. The mattes are some what buttery but also in true “Wet N Wild” form are a little chalky (I know they can do better and can’t wait till that day). This palette is a bit of a let down for me with a handful of these colors. The mattes didn’t blend well and if you tried to blend the mattes and shimmers, the shimmers would fall under my eyes. The glitters will also need a glitter glue if you didn’t want them to fall as well. My best suggestion is to start with your eyes before foundation! This makes me sad but Spongebob, this ain’t a life changing palette. I said what I said (wetnwild.com $14.99).

Below are the 2 eye looks I did with the palette. Without knowing it I did a air/water eye and a fire earth for the other eye. Aye Aye Captain is a dangerous glitter bomb I could not come back from. I managed to get light blue glitter EVERYWHERE! It happened so quickly and I was scrambling to fix it with whatever I could. I did use an eye shadow primer on both eyes (I feel like I shouldn’t have to use a primer because the shadows should just perform. Just me though!). Well I tried, see below my journey told by pictures!

*surprised* “I used too much glitter…again”

Holy Shit! Is there glitter on the ceiling *gasp*

This is a gorgeous highlighter. It’s as gold as gold can get and will look incredible on darker skin tones (there was 1 review that stated it did not look so great on her caramel skin so don’t quote me)! I do love an extra touch when it comes to my highlighter. I even have purple and blue for those moments that require something special (because I make them work before giving them the boot). This is probably my favorite “makeup” product that came from this PR box. I’ve always said that Wet N Wild is known for their cheap, AMAZING highlighters. Stop spending more than $10 on highlighters and just go grab ANY of theirs! (wetnwild.com $5.99).

Spongebob Flat Kabuki Brush & Sandy Round Kabuki Brush

Both of these brushes are super soft and blend well. I used the flat brush to contour my cheeks and the round brush I used for bronzer and blush. Very minimal movement so my foundation was undisturbed. I always use my trusted brushes that I know won’t move my makeup around so this was a little scary trying these out. The flat brush is stiff enough to snatch the cheeks for contour but soft enough not to irritate it. I think these are super fun sitting on my vanity but I have a lot of brushes and wouldn’t purchase this separately (wetnwild.com Sandy Cheeks $8.99 & Spongebob Kabuki Brush $8.99).

Patrick, Spongebob & Squidward Sponges

I’m a hardcore Juno & Co sponge person. They suck up less product and their velvet feel makes for a flawless application. With that being said, I was not a fan of these sponges. Besides Patrick, the other 2 were too oddly shaped to do much with. I tried Spongebob as a contour/bronze blending and it did ok. I used the top of Squidward’s head to blend liquid blush and it was ehhhhh not so much of a favorite. Also, I wet every sponge and did not use them dry. These are pretty adorable but I will not get any use out of them. Such is life (wetnwild.com $5.99 each Spongebob, Squidward & Patrick)!

B.F.F. Hydrating + Brightening Primer Mist & F.U.N. Purifying Setting Mist

I do love trying out primer and setting mists. These were ok, nothing too fancy but I will warn you #1 They do have a “clean” fragrance (I’ve smelled it before and I can’t figure out why it smells familiar) and #2 B.F.F. does contain a “shimmer” – it’s not glitter but it gives you a glowy look so don’t forget to shake this one up before use. Once I sprayed the primer, I took my sponge and pressed it in lightly so I know my face got all of the primer soaked in. I will definitely say the setting mist leaves a dewy finish, not matte at all. These would be the perfect travel (in smaller containers of course) buddies if you don’t want to lug the expensive one around. I have tried Wet n Wilds setting sprays before and they aren’t anything to drop what you’re doing to rush out and buy them. They definitely don’t ruin my makeup or anything, but they don’t have the lasting power to fight against the humid Florida summer either (wetnwild.com F.U.N. $8.99 & B.F.F. $8.99).

Gary the Snail Soap Suds Sponge & Brush Cleanser & Krabby Patty Sponge and Brush Cleansing Pads

I was most excited for these 2 little oddities in the PR package. Gary turns out to be one of the best soaps I’ve ever used on my brushes, they cleaned quickly and it didn’t take me a million years to rinse them out either. It looks like a disk of glycerin soap and has a light smell. Nothing crazy. Krabby Patty cleansing pads, you have to admit it’s clever. Very clever. These did the job but I wish they had a suction cup to stay put in the sink. I have a few larger textured pads like this that suction and stay. I had to hold these in my hands (no big deal) and it loosened all that disgusting old built up makeup. I know the next time I hit up Wet n Wild I’ll grab a couple more of those Gary cleansers for future use.

Ok, that sums up the Spongebob x Wet n Wild PR package! I think Wet n Wild really nailed this one with their different approach to changing up what they normally do. I’m sure they felt the lip products, blush & bronzers in their past PR box’s were all inclusive and in my opinion, they weren’t. This box can definitely be all inclusive and they kept it fun with things that people might not normally try or buy. As soon as drugstore brands really start perfecting their eye shadow palette game, the high end brands better watch out because they’re coming in for the kill! Thank you for hanging out with me and letting me talk about what I love. Please remember to share, love, like, comment & don’t forget to follow me on all of my social media accounts, it helps me grow! Stay classy & make good decisions xoxo!

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