6 Face Masks In 6 Days

Hello again my little Rebels! You’re probably wondering why 6? Why not 7? Well, the answer is simple. Do not ever try a bunch of face masks all in 1 week (1 per day). My skin isn’t sensitive but boy was it not happy with me by day 6, so I ended up cutting it short to just six days. Honestly though, please don’t try this at home! I did use a mix of masks from $1 – $50 so I wasn’t just putting utter garbage on my face the whole time. Essentially, the skin around my eyes and cheeks had those little red dots around them and I did break out more then usual around my face. Typically I use 1-2 masks on my face per week. After the 6th mask, I exfoliated once and waited a week for everything to clear up, exfoliated again and waited another week before I put another face mask on. Since I was sick, it helped to wait that long because I was not in the mood for masks. Once again, please just don’t ever do this. I mean business when I say that…

$50 @ sephora.com
  • Glam Glow Berry Glow – So this one I got months ago in one of my sub boxes. It’s been so long I don’t know which one it came from – that’s right, I don’t look at those pesky ‘use within 12 months’ markings on the container. I’m a risk taker, a rebel if you will. Anywhoooooo…this feels like you’re slathering berry yogurt all over your face. Be careful with this one, it does have some type of berry seeds in it for exfoliation so be be gentle. I’ve used this one quite a few times but I just wasn’t impressed or ever saw the benefits. I also believe Glam Glow is over priced and I’ve not seen anything notable happen with my skin when I use these products. For that and having it for quite awhile, I decided to toss this out (I used about half). Smelled good but not impressed.
$28 (full size) @ sephora.com
  • Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay – This was my favorite one out of all of them. I believe this was a deluxe sample from Sephora or it was purchased with my points so I’m not sure. This is one you put on and it dries making your face tight. There’s granules of exfoliant so when you go to rinse, you can massage your face to exfoliate gently. My face felt so good after. Clays can be really great at softening the skin. Have you ever gone mudding or have you ever done mud activities? Weird right? When I was younger I went to a summer camp where we had to spend the entire day doing relay races in mud. All day, just hanging out in mud. When we went to take a shower, NEVER has my skin been so incredibly soft. Great, now I want to play in mud lol.
$1 @ Dollar Tree
  • Freeman Melting Sugar Lemon Meringue – So I totally know I shouldn’t ever put this on my face. Freeman has been known for their bullshit ingredients that either don’t do a damn thing or its irritation city! With that being said, Lemon Meringue anything, I just love it and can’t resist. I’m pretty sure this got my skin worked up the most but since I was doing a face mask everyday, nothing really seemed to matter at that point. The smell was also SUPER disappointing because it didn’t exist. Stop buying the Freeman brand guys, it was the affordable choice back in the day but now there’s a ton of affordable products out there now that actually are pretty good for your skin.
$3 @ amazon.com
  • Tony Moly I’m Lotus Mask Sheet – I go back and forth with these masks. I like them, they never really give me any issues for the most part but Tony Moly turned into the Korean gimmicky type products. Super cute packaging but heavily scented products. Mask sheets are meh, I can take them or leave them. I’m sure this was also a product that did no great service to my skin during my 6 days of skin Hell.
$50 @ sephora.com
  • Olehenriksen Phat Glow Facial – This came in my subscription box a few months back. Pretty amazing ingredients and safe to use 2-3 times a week. This is pink in color and you rub a thin layer on your face until it turns white. This also feels like another type of clay mask but not like the clay in the Origins mask. I’ve also put this one aside so I can use up what I have open right now but there wasn’t really anything noticeable when I used it that week. I do really love this brand because of their ingredients, but the price tag forces me to look at the Pop Up Boxy Charm does with discounted products and hope Olehenriksen is on there.
$19.95 @ medihealus.com
  • Mediheal Golden Chip Acupoint Mask – I did get this from the Boxy Charm Pop Up so I’m pretty sure I got this for around $8 ish. I love these masks, they’re fun! There are little unique mineralized stones that rest on your pressure points that you massage a few times, let the mask sit for 15 min, massage them again and you’re done! Does it work? I felt a little more relaxed but this could just be the state of mind I was in. I would definitely spend $20 for 5 masks. They did have an aroma but it was pretty earthy, but not overwhelming at all.

Well alright then, that’s the end! I do apologize for my absenteeism, I ended up getting the cooties that have been spread around the world! Keeping it positive, I didn’t die nor did I need to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, my trip out to California lasted half a day but here I am. Just alive and shit! As always, thank you for your support and don’t forget to check out my link tree to support all of my social media accounts. Stay classy & make good decisions xoxo!

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