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Hello my delightful rebels! It’s been a little bit busy this last week celebrating my 14th wedding anniversary so I do apologize with my social media accounts but it’s back to normal now! I was immediately drawn to this collection when I first saw it. I knew I’d use every color in this palette (in a lot of ways as well) and it was a brand I hadn’t heard of so the month long wait for it to get here was a nail biting experience (they’re based out of Shanghai, China)! Here’s a small insert of Kaleidos and what they stand for –

Individuality: Our motto is “no authority”. We believe in never feeling limited by others’ ideas of how to live. Following your own instincts is empowering; that’s why we urge you to take time to discover and embrace your own individual style.

Authenticity: We also believe in honesty; we encourage only true self-expression and never imitation. We hold ourselves to this same standard and are committed to being entirely transparent with our consumers. With that said, we never settle for anything less than the best when developing our products. Rather than convince you how great they are, we prefer to let them speak for themselves.

Eccentricity: We want to inspire people to go outside the box and appreciate infinite forms of beauty. At our core, we strive to always be open-minded and highly imaginative. This enables us to be constantly innovative and free to explore vibrant, unconventional possibilities in all we do.

Before we move on, there are other products from the same company that I purchased along with this palette and a couple of things that I received for free. I will make notation below of which is which. Also, all swatches were done without primer and at most, 2-3 swipes. Let’s get into it!

I’ll go ahead and start with the best part of this package. These eyeshadow colors are so buttery and pigmented it’s insane! Can we talk about blendability? I mean, seriously! Blending is no issue at all and does it in no time. I haven’t seen quality like this, ever! The only down fall to the gorgeous shimmers is the fallout. I’d do your eye look first before anything else, this way, you’ll have easy clean up. Ok, let’s talk packaging! The lid is magnetic so you can slid it up without separating completely. On the other side is a mirror, if you need it. On the front of the lid, there is also a mirror but there’s more art work than mirror. I’ve yet to see a company do the magnetic lid like so it’s different and unique for me. On the back of the palette it says:

A Radically verdant vision of the lush greens and soft earthy tones. makeup on the brightside.


I cannot say enough how amazing this palette is. This company took the time and effort on coming up with their products, formula and packaging. It’s clear they’re in the right business (Flower Punk Palette $36 kaleidosmakeup.com)!

This is a beautiful contour palette. I had the option of picking Warm and Medium vs Cool and Light. I normally go for cool and light but I had a feeling it would turn ashy on me so I went warm (I have a neutral skin tone and I can lean one way or the other). Here are what the 3 shades in this palette are for (1 being the top color) –

1.) Fill – A cream colored illuminator with yellow undertones.

2.) Shade – A neutral taupe nose contour. 

3.) Chisel – A warm soft brown cheek contour with yellow undertones.

I’ve never been one for nose contour, so I go back and forth between 2 and 3 as a cheek contour and 1 to go under the cheek contour to make it pop a bit more. This isn’t very pigmented and I have 0 issues with that. Just in case you have a heavy hand, this is a lot easier to diffuse any mistakes made (Charisma Contour Palette $18 kaleidosmakeup.com).

Ok. I couldn’t get a picture that shows you how utterly ridiculous this highlighter is. It. Is. Blinding. You can see this from Mars, no joke. Put this on LIGHTLY if you’re not looking for a blinding moment! Now I will caution everyone, within the yellow shimmer, there is also a yellow glitter. It’s the best highlighter I have in my collection right now and I plan on getting other colors in the collection (Space Age Highlighter $14 kaleidosmakeup.com).

I think everyone knows that I prefer matte lips over a gloss or regular lipsticks right? Well, I do so now you know! I’ve never really minded the dryness but these matte lip colors were absolutely the softest matte I’ve ever come in contact with! I’m really still trying to find the ‘holy grail’ of all nudes and this quad is definitely welcome on my journey! I have really enjoyed playing with these mattes. I’ve never really liked the brick red family but they’ve really grown on me. The formula makes it feel like you’re not even wearing anything and it makes sense they call it Cloud Lab Lip Clay. It literally feels as light as a cloud on my lips! These were not sold separately and there’s another 4 pack (Flora Noir) with a red, berry, deep blue and a chocolate brown. The deep blue stops me from the purchase because I know I’d rarely wear it (Cloud Lab Lip Clay – Sandcastle $35 kaleidosmakeup,com).

These were the 2 items I received for free when I ordered everything above. Temporary tattoos and an Blue Agave Softening Lip Mask. Not sure when I’ll use the tattoos but maybe for a Halloween costume or when there’s kids at the house. The tattoos are basically the art used for the Flower Punk makeup line and they’re just fun. The lip mask is absolutely delightful. There’s no fragrance in this (only mint for a cooling effect) but there is a very fine glitter I didn’t find it notable at all unless you look at it under direct light. You can leave it on for 30 min or overnight, remove with water and a washcloth (Blue Agave Softening Lip Mask $8 kaleidosmakeup.com & Flower Punk Temporary Tattoos $3).

Now that you’ve been acquainted with the Flower Punk line and a couple of other things from their site, what do you guys think? Is it worth the price to you? I’d say they’re probably middle of the road for pricing but I 100% believe it’s all very much worth the money. I hope you all have a fantastic week and I’ll see you guys around on my social media. Thank you for your support and don’t forget to check out my linktree HERE. Adios Rebels, stay classy and make good choices!


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