Boxy Charm Pop up Purchases!

Heyyyyy my little Rebel’s, happy spooky season! My house is Halloween all year round but I’ll still celebrate the time of year that people actually recognize it and you see it everywhere. It’s still hot as hell and that won’t really change until November, so I’ll just enjoy a pumpkin spice latte on ice! On to the heart of the matter, I picked up these 3 products from a Boxy Charm Pop Up. The Pop Up comes around once a month after you choose for your monthly box. These can be heavily discounted to get rid of the stock they have hanging around after the monthly boxes are made. I’ll make sure I make mention of what I paid vs MSRP. Also, all swatches below were done with 2-3 swipes and no primer was applied to make any colors more vibrant or pigmented.

I paid $6 instead of $22!

  • Maven Beauty Rose Water Setting Spray – I believe I waited for this to come in one of my boxes and when it didn’t I grabbed it in the pop up. I have a need for all things rose these days and I’m not even sure why. This setting spray isn’t really a rose fragrance. It just smells like hair spray and it claimed it had a 16 hr. hold – this is always a very bold claim and it didn’t hold up in the humidity for more then a couple of hours or so. I also sweat like no other. It was a decent setting spray because it isn’t a real heavy dewy or matte, more of a natural finish. The sprayer was actually a fine mist so that was nice. Would I get this again? Probably not, but I enjoyed trying it and for the price, I wasn’t too mad at it ($6 PU vs $22 MSRP).

I paid $4 instead of $6!

  • Saturday Skin Cotton Cloud Probiotic Power Mask – This was a really nice mask with a thick and creamy serum. My skin felt moisturized after but it’s definitely a mask I will use before a big make up event because it’s very tacky and sticky. Makeup will for sure hold up if you used this as a “primer.” Here’s what Sephora has as a description and info from their website: ($4 PU vs $6 MSRP)

What it is: A natural microfiber mask packed with prebiotics and probiotics for a potent boost in radiance and helping enhance the look of healthy skin.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dryness and Dullness and Uneven Texture

What Else You Need to Know: Probiotics to boost the look of skin vitality, while prebiotics activate the full power of the probiotic infusion. Cotton extract contains vitamin E and polyphenols for boosted protection and hydration. Made of 100% natural microfiber, this mask adheres softly to the face for optimal absorption.


This seems to have a lot of good stuff going for it and even at $6 MSRP it’s a great mask to get when you’re treating yo self ($4 PU vs $6 MSRP)!

  • OFRA Pro Palette: Boho Palette – This is my absolute favorite palette to take with me on trips. It’s perfect for night and day and has pretty much everything you need! You have 2 blushes, banana powder, 2 highlights and essentially 8 eyeshadow colors. Remember, leave your beauty standards at the damn door because you can use any of these pans as ANYTHING you want to! Just the other day I used the banana powder as a eye shadow to difuse the burnt orange shadow around the edges. World is your oyster! Make it work for you and your needs always. I also used a couple of the shadow products to fill in my eye brows. OFRA got their big star roll in the makeup world when they released these highlighters. Rodeo Drive has been the most talked about because of it’s iconic shimmer that brightens the entire world up! You get a very large pan of it with the matte bronzer next to it. Would I buy again? Yes for $24 but no at $99 or even $79. This is a large palette but I know I can probably find a dupe cheaper somewhere else ($24 PU vs was $99 but on sale for $79 MSRP).

The. End. I hope you enjoyed this weeks installment of makeup finds and it helps you navigate through this crazy make up world with a little less anxiety! Please share with me your thoughts or questions below! Is there something about makeup that you don’t think you can do? Share with me and I’ll put together a review or tutorial to soothe your brain! You can contact me anytime HERE.

Thank you for your continuous support and love, it will always help me grow! Stay classy and make good choices!

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