Mikayla x Glamlite – Full Collection

Hey there Rebels! I’m back for another round of make up with a full look that a gorgeous every day girl from Tik Tok, Mikayla Nogueira, worked so hard with Glamlite to put together. Her personality alone can put a smile on your face with how humble and gracious she’s always been in her short career on social media. I remember coming across her account and thinking, she’s got heart and she’s absolutely amazing with makeup. I honestly couldn’t wait to watch her beautiful story come full circle. She’s quit her everyday job and has focused on reviews & tutorials, it’s certainly paying off. She’s a REAL beauty influencer that’s in this for all the right reasons and it’s incredibly refreshing to see. I’ve seen the beauty industry deteriorate under the most petty reasons and I hope she’s able to soar over all of that nonsense. I’m here to show my support with her entire collection that I didn’t even think twice about purchasing. Congrats Mikayla! I hope I do your entire collection justice. You can find Mikayla on TikTok: mikaylanogueira and on IG: mikaylajmakeup.

I’ve always seen Glamlite randomly on beauty influencers YouTube channels. It was the pizza, burger, taco (you name it, they’ve done it) palettes. Always so colorful, packaging is very cute and eye grabbing. Pigment looked amazing but with YouTube you have to be careful with reviews. Not every influencer is going to tell you exactly what they did for color payoff. Some have tips and tricks they keep up their sleeves. Is it wrong they do that? In my opinion, yes. I want to see tricks and tips that will help elevate my knowledge and cause me to push myself out of my comfort zone. So I say all that, to say this – don’t trust everything you see. Sometimes you just have to watch more reviews small or big, high paid or still paying for their own shit (like me!). I saw a trend with Glamlite – Price is right, they produce good products and that’s a pretty large win in my book. I kept adding things to my cart and then I wouldn’t find a decent coupon so I’d just leave the site to only return months later to look again. When I do research on a new makeup company, I will sign up for email updates, watch for sales and find the best coupons. It’s always in the back of my mind that I might be disappointed and if I can’t return it, I’ll have to eat the loss or gift it if it’s giftable (I don’t gift used eye liners, mascaras or lip products for sanitary reasons). It can be time consuming but get the best bang for your buck when it comes to makeup. Side note, if you guys would like me to go into more detail with my research I can do an article on it (just let me know down below).

As you know, I’ll swatch without any type of primer and ill do 2-3 swipes for the eyeshadow and highlighter.

beauty isn’t a one size fits all

Gisselle, Owner of Glamlite

If you’d like to know more about the owner Gisselle, I urge you to head HERE. She has a beautiful story attached to why and how she started. I’m proud to support her journey along with Mikaylas. OK enough of me rambling on, TO THE PRODUCTS WE GO!

  • Lip Gloss Set (3) Mahket, Wicked & Hot Mess – So Mikayla is VERY much from Boston and her accent is 100% telling of where she’s from. Figured I’d say that because her color names are just very much some of the words she’s known for. When doing this collab, she really didn’t want a sticky gloss and she also wanted them unscented. I love a scented gloss but I wasn’t mad at these glosses in the least. These weren’t going to swatch the best so I decided against it. There’s a silver/white gold gloss, champagne/ gold gloss and a beautiful nude gloss. These are great toppers or just something nude to wear with a crazy eye look. I’m not a big gloss person but I don’t mind having these as part of my collection (Gloss Set $28 Currently Sold Out).
  • Mikayla Poppin’ Highlighter – This didn’t really list a name so I’m just calling this one Mikayla. It’s beautiful, simple as that. This is very much a white gold shimmer and will probably look good on all skin tones. No glitter, ALL shimmer (Highlighter $14 Currently Sold Out)!
  • 3D Faux Lashes: Brand New & Code Orange – If you know anything about Mikayla, you know she loves BIG lashes and these are WAY bigger then I normally use. The bands aren’t stiff and they aren’t difficult to work with. These will definitely be lashes to use when I’m doing a photoshoot without my glasses. When lashes touch my lenses it’s hard to focus on anything else. BUT, these will make for great glam photos that I will post this week (each set is $12 Both are currently sold out)!
  • Mikayla x Glamlite Palette – This is a 36 pan eye shadow palette and I know it can get a little overwhelming with so many colors! Just breathe and pick your colors in quads (Harley, How ya Doin’, Glow Up & Simba as an example). Just look at 4 colors at a time and you can even overlap them for more color combos. If you don’t like the color story the quad brings you, move on to the next one! Remember, leave your beauty standards at the door and pick the colors that bring you joy. Always choose joy when it comes to makeup. I might not always reach for these blues or purples but someone might want me to use them for their eye look if I’m doing another persons makeup. These shimmers are absolutely buttery and pigmented! The only colors I think need primer will be The Best Color, Rhody, Handy & Masshole. We all need a little help from time to time so why wouldn’t eye shadow? Just as long as they don’t ALL need it! Freetown is my absolute favorite matte shadow (teal) and Glow Up is my very favorite shimmer (pink with gold). Also, be careful with Willow (deep plum) because the pigment is insane (Palette $42 Pre Order Only)!

Now I did purchase this entire PR Box for $89 (I was able to snag a 10% coupon so about $80) and it’s now on Pre Order as well HERE. I feel like this was a super long review but 100% worth it. If you do decide to purchase from GlamLite, use code: MIKAYLA (for 15% off). I love this entire set and I have no regrets with this purchase in any way. Thank you for hanging out and let me know in the comments below with what you think or if you have any questions! And as always, thank you for your support and visit my linktree HERE to find all of my social media. Stay classy and make good decisions!


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