BH Cosmetics – My Favorites!

Hello again my Rebels! I feel like this was a due blog/review since I have essentially, shit on BH Cosmetics for their known inconsistencies #sorrynotsorry. I can’t, in good conscience, tell you a product is amazing when it really isn’t. I refuse to lie to kick it, no matter the cost. It’s something I can promise all of you from the bottom of my heart (stick a thousand needles in my eyes if I do!). My palettes have been loved and used so please disregard how dirty they are from my makeup fingers!

Before I head into my absolute favorite products, I want to discuss the companies manifesto and what they stand for:

We stand for badass with heart

BH Cosmetics




If you’d like to know more about BH Cosmetics, please go HERE.

BH Liquid Foundation Naturally Flawless – 208 Medium Beige
  • This was a huge surprise to me for the price (less then $10 but not sure exactly as it’s been discontinued). Have you ever purchased a foundation that was either too dark or too light? Yeah, I can relate! If you find a foundation a few shades darker or one that’s too light, but the correct skin tone (warm, cool, neutral, pink or peachy), then you can adjust the color of your foundation (think of it as a chemistry project). This is what I’ve done for a long time. I can’t stand returning makeup because it will be thrown away. I try to give my products usefulness and also it’s hard to give away foundations to people you know that aren’t the same match. I also enjoy seeing what products actually work really well together but remember, not all products are created equal. Keep your “oil” and your “water” based products separate. If you combine the 2 they won’t play well at all. Ok getting back to this product, I think I really love the “natural” description of this foundation. It’s a little matte and still has a little bit of dewy so it’s less drying. I hope they’re reformulating it to make it even better when it comes back!
  • There’s 1 thing I know that’s absolute when it comes to BH’s blushes, amazing pigment that can turn you into a clown if you’re not careful. This is the Chocolate Strawberry Truffle 4 color blush palette. It smells like fake chocolate and strawberries (but I don’t mind that in the least) and you just have to make sure you’re tapping the excess off before application. The actual colors themselves aren’t named but are labeled as “medium pink tones” and 2 of them have a little shimmer but the other 2 are matte. If you need to save space in your collection, I would highly recommend this product being a blush “total package.” There are currently 6 available blush palettes right now ( $6 on sale from $12 but currently out of stock).
  • Blushing in Bali is a 6 pan palette – Top 3 are blushes and the bottom are 3 are highlights. 2 out of the top 3 blushes have shimmer and there’s just 1 matte blush. The bottom 3 of course have shimmer. The 3rd top and bottom are a blush/highlighter duo for a deeper complexion, but as I always tell you, USE THEM ANYWAYS for eye shadow or use them on another person if you’re doing their makeup. They did name these colors but I’m a little confused. It looks like they did a reformulation with brand new packaging and new names but the colors are exactly the same. If I had to guess, I’d say because of the reformulation, they might of had to rename the colors to keep their stats separate from the old colors (i.e. tracking the popularity of each color). Pure speculation though. I cannot speak for their reformulation but these were pigmented and buttery. The highlighters were subtle but could be built up. I hope the reformulation makes it perform even better then the one I got ( $8.50 on sale from $17).
  • Full disclosure, I love all things Zodiac. I don’t base my life around it but it’s always either rang true for me or has gotten very close. One of my favorite things about this palette is how user friendly and straight to the point it is. If you’re new to eye shadow, you’d just use the matte and the shimmer for that sign because that’s how it’s mapped out. Sometimes with cheaper makeup, shadows can be a little bit harder to blend or they can just blend right off your face (it’s the most frustrating thing ever). My palette is a little older so I’m starting to see some blending issues and disappearing acts if blended too much. Call me strange, but I don’t think I’ll get rid of this palette anytime soon. It feels more apart of my journey for some reason. I made a list of compatible signs and non compatible signs. Every day I wore a new set of signs and it was really the first time I found pure joy from makeup. The real creative part of makeup that makes me so passionate and it’s why I’m here today. The large pan in the middle (Not named so I gave it a name: Sun) is a white gold highlighter and it’s got some glitter in it but it’s mostly shimmer. If you’re interested in this palette, I’m sorry but it looks like this one got reformulated as well LOL but the shades on the new palette are completely different. I’m not sure if I’ve had this makeup for too long or if BH changes formulation like they change their underwear? Below is the new version of the Zodiac palette ( $6.75 final sale from $27):

These colors are definitely more muted and neutral but for $6.75 it could be worth a try?

Well Rebels, that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog on BH Cosmetics. If you’re not the type of person that likes to order online without touching the product first, head over to an Ulta store near you and grab something to try. Also, head over to my link tree HERE to visit my social media pages and don’t forget to check out my top products of the week on my Homepage! Have a great rest of the week, stay classy and make good choices!

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