My Melody & Kuromi x Wet n Wild

Hey Rebels! Before you read on please don’t forget to check out my home page where I normally share my top favorite products of the week, but this week is a little different.

So here we have the My Melody & Kuromi set from Wet n Wild. There’s only 2 lip products not pictured here, I gave them away, unopened to a better home. This was a fun collection and I think the shining star here are the face and eyeshadow double-ended brushes. There’s liquid in the middle with hearts, stars, bows and dots. Just like their Pacman line, but you essentially get 2 more brushes here. Wet n Wild brushes have always been pretty decent for the price and I think it’s totally worth it if you’re just starting out or don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a new hobby.

Eyeshadow double ended brush $8.49 & Face double ended brush $9.99

This dark purple matte liquid lip survived Halloween last year when I dressed up as a female BeetleJuice! I generally don’t gravitate to dark colors but I loved this one and I still have it. The colors that they usually carry in these PR boxes forces me to try colors I’d always shy away from. Makeup should always be fun and you should try to step out on the wild side sometimes, ya know? The other is a gloss that has pretty pink and silver sparkles. The gloss has a little tinge of a nude color but it’s not opaque at all. It’s a pretty topper for lipstick if that’s your thing. If you haven’t tried their lip products, I’d take the chance on them for $5! They seem to be a cult favorite. On their website, it looks like the only color left is the dark pink, magenta color Sweetie Pie available $4.24.

This is a really pretty face palette. 2 blushes on the right and 2 highlighters on the left. Before I forget, the lip glosses, eye shadow and face palette all smell like a fake strawberry. Might bother some but per usual, it doesn’t bother me at all! If any of these colors don’t suit your skin tone, don’t forget they can be used as eyeshadow as well. This palette is no longer available, but it was probably the prettiest face palette they’ve done for a PR box.

I really liked the “Jekyll & Hyde” approach to these palette’s. You have one that’s a soft, glam and girly and then you’ve got an emo, dark and broody palette. I did notice “Pretty In Pink” was listed on both, palettes but the colors are completely different. Thought that was a little odd. The yellows aren’t great but seldom are since it’s pretty hard to make a vibrant yellow. If light colors don’t do well for pigment, I usually use them to diffuse a dark color that I might be struggling to blend. Overall, these palettes performed ok. Wet n Wild is still on a journey with their formula and it can be hit and miss sometimes. These palette’s are no longer available. If you have them and you’re struggling to find the right colors to go together, just let me know and I can help you out!

As always, thank you for your support and don’t forget to visit all of my social media accounts HERE. Stay classy and make good choices!

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