Random Product Tuesday

Hey my little Rebels! I’ve decided I had too many random makeup products that I haven’t shown you guys. I compiled a handful of things, not really a full face but pretty close to it. I’ve been able to use these products a few times and I feel they deserve a solid review!

Physicians Formula All Star Face Palette – I was so excited when this face palette came out. It reminded me of my early days with makeup. I did the best I could with the swatches but a couple of them were super light. Both of the bronzers are a cult favorite for sure! Just be careful, you’ll look more orange then sun kissed if you get heavy handed with those 2. The Murumuru bronzer has a little bit of shimmer so keep that in mind as well. The 2 middle pans are highlighters but I prefer the Rose’ one because it looks like the glow pearls were just sprayed with shimmer on the top and I’m not a big fan of companies doing that. I don’t like to feel tricked and bamboozled LOL. Drug store brands are doing it less and less so that makes me happy. The multi colored powder I haven’t really used but the Happy Booster is my absolute favorite, it’s that go-to pink blush with a little sheen to it. The smell reminds me of Happy by Clinique. Smells = memories for me so that’s why I don’t ever mind the smells. However, I will be completely transparent about this palette, there’s a lot of smells but they definitely fade pretty quickly since this palette doesn’t seal. I also noticed, there’s no mirror and I know some people buy palettes that only contain that mirror. This is a really good palette to travel with if you need to save space – bronzer, highlight, blush and face powder in one and for the price I think it’s totally worth it even if its just for the memory (amazon.com was $14.99 now $10.15).

Butter London Teddy Boy Palette – I’m pretty mad at myself for not using this as much as I love it right now. I got this in a BoxyCharm and I wasn’t a fan of the colors right away. I used it when I first got it and I just wasn’t loving the color story. I always shy away from darker colors, well, I used to because now I really love this color story. Very cool toned colors and it’s very easy to go full neutral glam or full Emo, if that’s what you prefer.

This dashing, highly-pigmented 9-piece butter LONDON eyeshadow palette revives the 1950s to pay homage to Britain’s alluring, sharply-suited Teddy Boys (the original teenage rebels) and their rebellious spirit.

Butter London

I love this explanation and I will definitely be using this more (butterlondon.com $28)!

CmaaDU Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Gloss – I received these as a birthday gift (Thank you Kelly xoxo) and I ADORE them. They’re listed as “lip glosses” but they’re definitely matte liquid lipsticks. They’re drying so please keep that in mind. I’ve used ALL of these colors and they’re a perfect color story for me, berries and pinks! They go on flawless and stick around for quite some time. I thought it was a little odd they didn’t name them but they’re numbered so at least you can tell a difference lol (amazon.com $11.99).

MadLuvv brow Stamp & Stencil Kit

This was definitely a “I have to see if this works” kind of purchase. Above you’ll see the “stamper” and 1 of 5 stencils that it came with it. I’ve used it 3 or 4 times and it’s definitely something you have to get used to. You have to make sure you’re not making the front of the brow too dark and hold the stencil steady. I suggest doing your brows with this 1st so it doesn’t mess with foundation or concealer. Use a spoolie to make it a little more natural. If all that sounds like this is for you, by all means, grab it. There’s about 7 different colors to choose from, they sell refills for the stamp and also stencils separately if needed (madluvv.com stamp & stencils $39).

Wet n Wild Megalast Incognito Concealer

This one came as a little bit of a surprise to me. For $5 this is actually a really decent concealer. Does it completely make every flaw disappear? News Flash, NOTHING DOES! However, it does a damn good job for the price and works well with the foundations and powders I’ve tried it with (wetnwild.com $4.99).

PUR 4 in 1 Love Your Selfie – LN4

Full disclosure, this is a very full coverage foundation and it dries down matte. I mix it with a very dewy foundation and it matches exactly what I want – Full coverage and dewy. I use this foundation when I need it to work for a long period of time. I don’t need to bother with concealer either! The 4 in 1 benefits are: Foundation, concealer, skincare, and longwear. This also has a “doe foot” applicater for spot treatment for blemishes or dark spots. Always use less and build up, you can always add more because it’s a pain in the ass to take it all off and start over again (ulta.com $36)!

Ciate’ London Watermelon Burst Setting Powder

I wasn’t a fan of this when I used it the first time. I didn’t know there was a shimmer to it and I was ready to dump it. I used it again this last weekend and I absolutely loved it. Always try to give new makeup a couple few tries before you return it or toss it. There’s a very faint smell of watermelon but its hard to catch. My suggestion, if you get this, keep your shimmer products to just a light highlighter and use a matte bronzer & blush. This powder doesn’t make you look like the tin man but everything else together could cause it to. I did get this from the Pop Up store from BoxyCharm and got it for $9. I personally don’t think it’s worth the $28 they want for it on their site. This is a white powder but it’s definitely translucent (us.ciatelondon.com $28).

Appeal Gel Liner in Mood – This was a super creamy lip liner but to be honest, ColourPop has the same formula for a fraction of the price. Sorry Appeal Cosmetics (but really not sorry), it’s just $21 for a lip liner isn’t worth it for me and this definitely came in one of my BoxyCharm boxes (appealcosmetics.com $21)! Here’s the link for more affordable creamy lip liners: colourpop.com $6 average.

Ok everyone, that’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed Random Product Tuesday. Thank you for your support and love! Please come visit me on my other platforms HERE. Stay classy & make good decisions!

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