Hocus Pocus – Gather Round Sisters x ColourPop

Well hello my little Rebels! Are you ready for the month of Halloween makeup?!?!?! This entire month I will be showcasing everything I couldn’t resist purchasing. I may never financially recover from this but, HEY! It’s all really pretty and 100% worth it for me. So a little background on this release, it was released the 1st time last year and I failed to catch it. Apparently, it was a complete shit show and it shut down their servers very quickly. You were led to believe you were on your way to getting what you wanted and then all of a sudden things were removed from your cart and you were pushed completely off the website! There was also a lot of people purchasing multiple sets to sell them at triple the price they were originally going for. It. Was. Awful. When I saw they were rereleasing lasts year AND releasing a new Hocus Pocus set, I had to give it the old college try (I did give college a try…3 times so I kinda know what I’m doing here!). With that all being said, it was a very smooth process but it wasn’t perfect. Nothing is so leave your beauty standards at the door and lets dive in…

*Note: All swatches were done without primer and were built up with 2-3 layers of product*

This color story makes the most sense out of the 2 palettes released this year. It’s dark and witchy with dark brass, copper and silver metallics that are like BUUTAH! Fair warning, the black shadow (I call it a bus) is very pigmented and messy, use very lightly and remember a little goes a loooong way. The shadow Yabbos is my very favorite due to not only how pretty and sparkly it is, but for the name alone. Yabbos, if you know, you know. Brew potion is a chunky copper glitter but that’s the only one in this palette. Everything on this palette blends beautifully and I highly suggest it (ulta.com $22).

Glitterally Obsessed Glitter – They bring me back to the year 2000 where my glitter obsession started. Once you put these on and the gel dries, it doesn’t move or flake off. Just make sure you wipe your hands off before you start touching everything around you, it will transfer. Amok has large pink chunks with smaller blue and green micro glitters. Another Glorious Morning is larger gold chunks with smaller iridescent gold glitters. They’re both gorgeous (Both are out of stock but you can snag other colors HERE).

Clever, Boss & Flirty Witch lashes – These go from 0 to 100 very quickly! Clever was a little too natural for me and I think Flirty might be a little too much but we shall see! They were easy to apply, just make sure you size them to your eye and trim where it’s needed before you apply glue. I honestly think this is a great set to buy all 3 to see where you feel comfortable with lashes. I love natural lashes but I’ve been lowkey loving something a little more dramatic lately. It does add a little “va voom” to a look but it can get out of hand (just like my love of glitter, oh well!). I’ve struggled with lashes and brows since I started trying to figure out the best way to work them. Just remember, with every time you try something, you have to keep doing it until it’s effortless and there’s no more struggle. Every time, I get better and better and you can too so don’t get overwhelmed by it. Not always perfect, but what is (colourpop.com all 3 $25)?

Creme Lipsticks with Lippie Pencil – Full disclosure, I wish I had gotten just I Am Beautiful. These are 3 sets of 3 different shades of red. I’m now going to make an effort and wear red lipstick or make it a signature look? Also, I’m not a lip liner type person either (now you’re really wondering why I paid money for this LOL). Halloween themed makeup tends to include a lot of vampy reds, blackest of blacks & greyish purples. To which, none of these am I using on a regular basis, so I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and own all of these colors. The lipsticks and the lip liners are super creamy and are a creme finish (All 3 sets are out of stock but you can grab other colors HERE).

Creme Gel Liner Set – I have been singing praise on these gel liners since the beginning! I love putting them in my lower water line to make eye looks pop. The only down fall is, they’re so creamy that they break easily. If you break a large piece off, put it in a dish and use an angled brush to apply the liner (These are out of stock but you can get other liners $7-$14 HERE).

Annnnnnnd there you have it! 1 Halloween release down! I had originally wanted to only grab the palette in this release but in a panic of throwing things in my cart, I couldn’t find the palette by itself. It popped up 15 min after the release started, how bizarre am I right? If you want this entire set, it’s still available on ulta.com HERE (use code: 900415 for 20% off but not sure if it’s still working but it’s worth a try). Next week I’ll be featuring the new release they did this year for Hocus Pocus so stay tuned! Please make sure you go HERE to visit all of my social media accounts and as always, stay classy & make good choices!

Thanks for your continued support, It helps me grow!

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