Hocus Pocus 2 – Coven Crew x ColourPop

Coven Crew Collection

Welcome back Rebels! Now this weeks blog is the newest Hocus Pocus release from ColourPop, Coven Crew. Unfortunately, there was a candle that came with this set and it shipped separately due to making sure it arrived safely? I have yet to receive any shipping notification on when it will ship or get here. There were quite a lot of people upset that they couldn’t purchase the candle separately. As I’m grabbing links for all these products, it looks like ColourPop decided to actually sell the candle separately at some point for $16 (now it’s sold out). For me, that’s a bad business move when you say no and people spend the money on the whole set but you turn around and sell it separately anyways? That’s not sitting well with me, to be honest! There was also a lot of backlash with the palette. Compared to the rereleased palette (from last week), this one came off as almost a really quick decision on colors. I read a lot of people were in no way interested in this color story – I will get into that a little more in the palette section. So get ready to dive into the newest Hocus Pocus release, Coven Crew and leave your beauty standards at the damn door…

Cat Mirror – Ok, so I’m not a cat person but I really love this hand mirror. Hocus Pocus was the very FIRST movie I cried about, in the theatre, with my older sister sitting next to me. “I shall always be with you” KILLED me. I just cried like a dumb baby so this is a memory unlocked for me lol. This looks like a glitter foil on black matte plastic, it’s not too big and not too small. It’s puuuuuurfect! HA! Ok I’m done…

Spider Stamp – Ok. So. No. Cute thought but terrible idea. I’m definitely not putting this anywhere on my face or body. It IMMEADIATLY runs into any line present on your skin and it stains. I have a picture above where it was on my skin for maybe 15 seconds and I washed my arm 3 times. I. Shit. You. Not. I’ll throw this in with my Halloween crafts but this shouldn’t be a make up item AT ALL! Oh and here’s a tip:

apply directly to face using stamp applicator. remove using bfd cleansing oil or your fave oil-based cleanser.


Um. No thank you but thanks for the “tip.”

Trouble Brewing Super Shock Shadow Kit – These were a plus in my book but the super shock shadows are a cult favorite for a lot of people including myself. These are totally worth buying all 3 and use as toppers for your eyeshadow or only using these alone. They’re just GORGEOUS! These are still available for all 3 for $20.

Fresh Kiss Lip Crème “Let Me Work My Magic” – These are a new soft matte that doesn’t dry down completely but they are super comfortable to wear. I’m glad they threw in a nude with this kit because the reds just got out of hand in the 1st Hocus Pocus release. The deep purple and black have its place and I hope to use them more than not. Like I said, this formula is new to ColourPop and these 3 are sold out, BUT you can check out what they have available HERE in other shades.

Witching Hour Palette – Last but certainly not least, we have our very mixed emotion of a palette. Not only do I love an interesting color story but I also like the color story to make sense. This makes sense to me and it makes sense for someone who isn’t balls deep in makeup like myself. If you cut this palette in 4 columns (going straight down) you have 4 very simple eye looks. Basic? Yes, but definitely not boring because some of these colors might be a little too much for people. I read a lot of comments of people saying this was a smaller version of the Mood Palette on their website (Click HERE to see it). I personally don’t see it but I guess it carries a little purple and teal maybe? Not only was that a reach but they named the matte teal “Fur Black as Black.” Ok so the actual color isn’t black but people were SO pressed to mentioning how “stupid” this palette was because of the smallest of things. Want some advice? Just don’t buy it. Move on. Life is too short to go after a palette you’re not spending money on. Side note, I won’t comment, mention or blog about a company or product I won’t purchase from or do business with. I’ll only give my absolute truthful review of what I have purchased. Here’s to wishing more people were like that but anywaysssssssss… I like this palette. Half of it hits a neutral side and the other, well it’s wild and I like that too. ColourPop’s eyeshadow is worth the money and I’m not mad at them at all for it. I just wish they wouldn’t have a new release every week. But hey, it’s not my business so keep on keeping on CP!

The only website that still has the entire release together (Coven Crew) is Ulta BUT they are not including the candle (I believe it was also $9 cheaper because of it) and if you’re interested, you can find it HERE. Add code 900415 or 971765 for 20% off to knock the entire set down to $72 (before shipping and taxes). I don’t know how long that code will last but it’s worth a try!

Thank you for hanging out with me through the 2nd release of Hocus Pocus – Coven Crew! As always, thank you for your support and don’t forget to check me out on all of my social media accounts HERE. Stay classy Rebels & make good decisions!

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