Nomad X Haunted Europe

Destination: Medieval Europe

Coordinates: Haunted Castles & Eerie Forests

Inspiration: Dark Fairy Tales

Hey Rebels! Ok so Halloween doesn’t just end in October. Some of us feel Halloween in our bones ALL year long, like me! This will be the last one for a little while though. Makeup companies came for it this year when it came to Halloween and there was still a handful of collections that I did not participate in. It was hard to not buy them all, believe me! This was definitely a new company for me and I really love their story. They travel around to different countries and base an entire eyeshadow palette off of what they see. A lot of the colors were named after castles, forests, cemeteries, etc. I find that pretty awesome and different then how other palettes are named. Let’s saddle up and leave your beauty standards at the door to go on a journey through Haunted Europe

This is the cover of the actual palette. It’s how I made my final decision on buying this palette. “Holographic palette with a scene that transforms from ordinary to ghastly right before your eyes.” I also want to mention 5% of the proceeds goes to Bat Conservation International. It’s to “help conserve the world’s bats and their ecosystems.” The palette itself is a pretty thick cardboard with mirror, holding 9 mattes & 9 shimmers. The pans themselves are stamped with tree branches, coffins, gravestones, bats, and castles (see below). I love when they personalize the pans with stamps, it gives it more of a personality.

These pictures do absolutely no justice and there was just too much light it seems. However, these are great pictures so you can see the stamped pans. This doesn’t scream Halloween by any means with the colors, however, you can still make a really great Halloween look with the golds, greens, greys and dark plums. It’s a great palette in my mind because you can go a bit wild but yet still have a neutral wedding look if you wanted.

*I did not use any type of primer for these swatches and they were swatched 2-3 times*

I did have some issues with blending a few of the mattes but it wasn’t anything that would make me toss it or give it away. Bran Castle is by far my favorite, it’s a violet grey. I’ve been loving grey’s as a base color under a shimmer. It’s a really great color to start off with if you want to someday venture into the black smoky eye. The shimmers are really amazing and go on very smoothly so there was no issues with them.

Nomad Haunted Europe $44 – still available for purchase.

Thanks for hanging out with me again! Please don’t forget to check out all of my social media HERE, and as always thank you for the support and helping me grow. Stay classy & make good choices xoxo!

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