Smash or Pass – Part 3

Hello Rebels and welcome to the 3rd part of Smash or Pass! Where I show my empties, throw aways and give aways. For better or worse, or until they become dead to me! Please keep in mind A LOT of this might not be available and if you still have it, don’t think you need to throw it away. You’re the only person that makes that decision and these are only my opinions. So let’s go on a journey to see how much shit I can talk about makeup and don’t forget, to leave your beauty standards at the door…

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Chrome – Rose Gold Molten ( $9.99) : I’m struggling to let this one go. I will always reach for any color labeled Rose Gold! This was by far my most favorite SMASH product. It has a beautiful glow to it and OH SO chromy! Not a real word but I digress…please make sure you’re light handed with this beauty or they’re gonna see you from the milky way. TIP: If you do put too much highlighter on, pat your sponge (the one you used to put your foundation on or a damp sponge will do) over it to difuse. You can also go over the highlight with a matte light blush, it will dull the highlight a bit. SMASH duh.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Bronze It – Deep 03 ( $7.97) : This was by far the prettiest bronzer in the drug store. Clearly, this is definitely another SMASH product for me. It also paired beautifully with the highlighter above (with a soft hand of course). This bronzer has a golden sheen to it so if you’re shy about shine, you wont need a highlighter to go with it. I went with the darkest shade because of how cool the tone was. TIP: You can honestly buy whatever color you want as long as you add just a little as you go and BLEND like your life depends on it . You can always add but you can’t always take it away! SMASH all day!

DermaBlend Professional Cover Creme – Chroma 1 Rose Beige ( $27.30) The color that I have is no longer available but it still looks like they have plenty of colors on the site. When I was looking for the most full coverage foundation there was, I found this gem. This is probably the most full coverage that’s on the market that I’ve tried. Drag Queens use this for their stage performances and held up during the heat and sweat. Believe me when I say, this was definitely going to hold up in the Florida summer. Well, it did but it was really too much coverage for me. It’s a VERY thick putty that has to sit on your hand to warm up before application. I have used this for concealer and spot treating – it did not work all over my face BUT if you do performances under hot lights and need something to hold up, this is a great product that isn’t too expensive. For me, this was a PASS even if it was good for spot treatment for me. I have other concealers that are a bit cheaper that cover up just fine.

Givenchy Prisme Libre Mat-finish & Enhanced Radiance Loose Powder – 4 in 1 Harmony ( $58) : So before I even start, I got this with a mascara for I think $50. TIP: Before you purchase anything from Sephora, always check their bundled products. Especially if you want to try something out. I have learned some products aren’t for me and I didn’t spend as much money as I could have. This powder was one of the very first expensive brands I ever tried. It wasn’t life changing or anything – it contained 4 different colored powders: green, purple, blue and white. Claiming it was a setting and finishing loose powder designed to mattify, blur, and illuminate the complexion for a perfected makeup result. It was a setting powder and did no more for me. Also, there was a ‘perfume’ smell that screamed “I’m expensive” and again it didn’t make a difference. Total PASS for me – so many better setting powders out there, I PROMISE!

ColourPop So Juicy Plumping Lip Gloss – QT ( $8) : I’m really not sure if this is the right color pictured above but I think they’re mostly the same but some have a tiny bit more of pigment – very very small amount. These are mostly clear with a bit of a sheen and minty cooling effect. These are a bit sticky but still pretty. I believe these were a couple of dollars cheaper when I purchased it. I will PASS on paying the full price of $8 because I’m not a big lip gloss person but if you are, these are pretty decent but I’m sure there’s ones that could be better for cheaper pricing.

Marc Jacobs Fantasy Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter – 52 ( $23) : The color I have linked here is not the color I got but it’s on sale so I assume they no longer carry the color I purchased. I received this as a gift and it was absolutely GORGEOUS. Regular price was $45 and it was 100% SMASH worthy. Best liquid highlighter I have ever used and you could put it on top of powder! Liquid highlighters for me, have never played well on top of powders and I was amazed. However, when it gets older then its expiry date, it does NOT play well. Thank goodness there was only a little bit left because it bummed me out. Even though it’s headed for the trash, it had a beautiful run.

Trip For Two Blush & Bronzer Duo – Bellini & Costa Rei ( $36) : I did get this in a BoxyCharm so I did not pay that price but, this was a total SMASH. the bronzer and blush went so well together and matched my skin tone very well. This was definatly a natural look that I used when I didn’t want the full face. They both have shimmer to them but it’s not glitter or anything. I didn’t need any highlighter with this. These were paired very well together and it helps when you’re traveling and you need something that won’t take up a lot of room.

Nars PowerMatte Lip Pigment – Low Rider ( $28) : Came from Boxy because I don’t think 1 lipstick is worth the $28. Ever lol and as always that’s my opinion! With that being said, this was a really nice lip color and product. I’m not a very bright lipstick kind of person so I didn’t use this as much as I would of liked. SMASH for the product but PASS for the price!

Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Illuminating Face Oil ( $42) : Came from Boxy. I used this as a primer but it wasn’t a great match for me since my products are mostly water based. TIP: If your primer is water based, keep the rest of your liquids water based as well. Oil and water have never been BFF’s and it doesn’t change with makeup products either. There is shimmer in it and it smells like a light rose fragrance. This did dry down really well and it wasn’t tacky at all. I have managed to use most of this with an oil based foundation that I no longer used. Oil based primers are a PASS for me.

ColourPop All Star Matte + Blur Primer ( – No longer available) : PASS. I wasn’t wowed by this primer and I usually try to use matte primers during the summer with my dewy foundations to help with the staying power and to prevent any sliding. Primers are a dime a dozen it seems these days and a lot of them just don’t excite me with their claims. However, this smelled like an orange cremesicle and I loved it for that reason alone. I did use it all so it’s an empty!

Laura Mercier Caviar Volume’ Mascara – Glossy Black ( $25) : SMASH – I got this as a Christmas present from one of most favorite bosses I’ve ever had (as a boss she just understood how to get gifts for people). I used this till it dried up! This was definitely one you needed to layer but it didn’t clump, flake and it wasn’t hard at all to remove. Now, $25 is a pretty hefty price tag for mascara when you compare them to $8 at a drug store. However, I will pay this price tag the next time I need mascara (I have so many from Boxy or ones I got free for buying so much product from a company). This absolutely gave me volume and lift!

Milk Makeup Kush Liquid Eyeliner – Loud Blackest Black ( $22) : It’s a fucking PASS for me AGAIN. Do not call a product “blackest black” if its watery and can’t hold a solid black line. I’m almost 40 years old and I don’t have time for these games that Milk Makeup keeps playing with me. I said I would try them again, 3rd times a charm and now I can officially say Milk will no longer take anymore of the spotlight in my blogs. I will also note that the reviews side with me so I seem less crazy lol. Another side note, I feel like this paragraph should be in all CAPS from how ridiculously angry this company has made me lol). Just in case you didn’t catch it, this is a PASS.

Ciate’ London Eye Lustre Creme Eyeshadow – ( $22) : Boxy product that I’ve had FOREVER. Don’t ask me why I kept it. I had no business keeping it because it never performed as well as it should of because this was a gorgeous color that has a shift – gold and pink. This creased really bad no matter what i did. I keep trying to make it work and my eye lids wont have it. PASS for me.

E.l.f 16hr Camo Concealer – Light Peach ( $3-$6) : This is going to be an unpopular opinion because this is a cult favorite amongst the masses. It creases really bad and is so cakey. I guess it’s just me and probably works with the younger generation that have no wrinkles. That’s totally fine with me. I’ve also had a love hate relationship with their products. The putty primer is amazing though! PASS for me.

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Mascara – Nothing but Bru-Nette ( – No longer a product but click HERE to see the newest brow ones) : I’m really bummed this was discontinued. It was the go-to for not having the time or patience to do proper eyebrows. Mascara wand wasn’t too big or little either. Looks like they replaced it with a “shaping gel” so I’ll try that out when I need it. TIP: If you’ve never filled in or shaped your eyebrows but you want to try, start with an eyeshadow that matches the color of your natural brows and only fill in where its bare. Or try a mascara wand like this and comb it through lightly. It took me awhile to finally do it because i kept making them so dark. Eyeshadow really helped me get into it! This is a SMASH but apparently Wet n Wild said it’s a PASS.

There we have it! Another group of old products that were loved and hated! I will see you all next week! Check out my linktree HERE to see everything I do on social media and as always, thank you as always for supporting me. Stay classy and make good choices!

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