Random Product Tuesday: Part 2

Well hello there Rebels! I hope your holidays are going well! I have yet to buy a single gift for anyone but there’s still week left. In reality, there will be days left and I might still have not bought a single thing yet. Procrastination station. ALL ABOARD! Moving on…I’ve had these things rolling around for a little while, used them a few times and these are my opinions on how they performed on me! Some are amazing and a few not so much, because what would my blog be without me talking a little shit eh? Well without further ado, leave your beauty standards at the door and take a journey with me on another random product Tuesday!

Smoke & Mirrors Jewel Vibes: 23 Piece Total Face & Eye Palette ($5 5 Below) – Ok so hear me out, I picked this up because it was $5 and it looked like quite the interesting palette. When you purchase something like this, keep in mind you’ll be dealing with very little pigment, fall out and some pretty dusty pans (so do your eye shadow 1st! This way you can correct it later if needed). I would also stay away from any chunky glitters in the immediate eye area. I will usually use larger glitter on the outside of the eye area anyways – safety first! This is 25 eye shadows and 3 highlighters. I was impressed with the few pans that had a beautiful duo chrome to it. They aren’t life changing but honestly, I wasn’t expecting it and it was a really nice surprise. I’m sure you’re wondering about the palette names. I’ve mentioned before that it really irritates me when people don’t name their palettes. Someone out there came up with these colors, take some pride and name them! No? Well, don’t mind if I do then! I named them according to how they performed. Some may not be very nice and I really don’t give a shit 🙂 “Where R U Taupe” – Terrible. 0 pigment. Just don’t even touch it. Or just draw a sad face in the pan to remind you it will make you sad if you try to use it. “Pepper or Ants” – It’s really weird. It’s like a glossy chunky black glitter but it’s not going to look right. So, if you want people to ask if there’s pepper or ants on your face, go ahead and slap that weird shit on! Make sure you use your finger to apply all of the shimmers (these won’t pick up on a brush at all!) and pat the glitters on, do not schmear them (they aren’t a fan). Ok the highlighters, these 100% have a glitter “over spray” on them (a lot of inexpensive beauty companies do this), this is where they “look” to have more of a metallic shimmer look to them. It’s almost like they’ll preform better and all it takes is 1 swift finger swipe and the “over spray” disappears to reveal a duller highlight. These actually weren’t terrible. They’re really subtle but still pretty! Just make sure you use a setting spray and an eyeshadow primer to keep them looking as strong as possible. If not, they’ll fade quickly and you’ll be asking all the of the shades, “where the hell are you?”

Ofra x Talia Mar Highlighter: Soho (Ofracosmetics.com $35) – This was a gift (Thanks Lauren!) and this has become one of my most favorite highlighters I have. This is a peach champagne that looks a lot like a rose gold. You can pile it on to see from outer space or use a very light hand for the most subtle yet gorgeous highlighters you’ve ever seen. The price? I know. Watch the sales! I’ve never purchased anything from them for full price. Be patient!

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek: Brut Flute (ColourPop $8) – I will mention the photo of this on their website looks a lighter then the actual color. At first site, I was a little hesitant to use this because it was quite dark. Use a light finger to apply this and a damp sponge to blend it out. Greatest part? This serves as blush AND a highlighter if you’re looking for that beautiful flushed and bright look!

Hanalei Matte Bronzer (Hanaleicompany.com $25) – I received this in my last BoxyCharm box and it’s a really pretty bronzer. It isn’t heavily pigmented so it can build up if needed. I’m only seeing 1 shade and that’s a bit odd. Also, for that price? It’s very small and there’s a long list of bronzers I’d get before this one!

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink (Seductress Virgo $9.49) & Ink Crayon (Stay Exceptional Taurus $9.49) – I’ve not had great experiences with the Matte Ink in the past but this go around I really loved it! These are 100% worth the money and the performance in both of these products is really amazing. I now understand why these are such a cult favorite! They both smell of a light coconut/vanilla scent but it goes away quite quickly. Matte Ink dries down, matte (duh!) and the Ink Crayon is a cream that does not go matte or dry down. I’ve had them both since October and just figured out the Ink Crayon has a “secret” sharpener at the bottom (yeah I know, observation much?) and that was pretty awesome of them to do because I know I don’t have a sharpener of any kind.

Rare Beauty Brow Harmony Pencil & Gel: Deep Brown (rarebeauty.com $22) – Another one I got in my monthly box! I really love these duo eyebrow products and this one is a good one. This was my first product to use from this brand and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it lasted and the ease of it as well. There’s a handful of shades that look like they will fit every eyebrow out there! The price? Yeah that one is a little rough, but like I said before, be patient and wait for a sale. New Year’s normally means heavy discounts to get the new production going for Spring. Be patient 🙂

Alleyoop Pen Pal (meetalleyoop.com $25) – I didn’t even want to include a link to where this is sold. I love the nostalgia of having these pens in school but that’s as far as it goes. These aren’t creamy or easily glided on the face. I don’t know who this will be good for honestly. Having eye liner, lip liner, brow highlighter all in 1 compact pen is a novel idea but that’s as far as it gets for me. They also offer just 1 pen with 4 colors that may not fit every skin tone so that’s also not a wise decision in their part. The biggest issue would be the lip liner. That’s not a universal shade. Period. I hope they either chuck this or do better. Either one will do.

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer (ulta.com $39) – Yes. This is a sample (thanks again, Lauren!). Yes. I’m aware of the price. This is a really nice primer and does what it says. My makeup laid down perfectly and had amazing staying power. I’m a very firm believer in spending the money on a great primer if you can. I also suggest to get your hands on a sample first, just to be sure. Now I know I also say, “Don’t think it’s going to work or be the best even if it’s a big price tag” but this brand has a HUGE cult following (to include their setting powder)! It’s also silicone free which a few people really love as well. Test it out if you get a sample and see for yourself!

Flower Beauty Pore Perfect Instant Blur Stick + Multi-Tasking Foundation: Ivory (walmart.com $14.99) – So full disclosure, I found this at the Dollar Tree in San Diego for $1. I don’t want to advertise that in a link because things vary from store to store when it comes to ANY dollar stores. It could of been a complete fluke they had it. I’d like to get more things from this brand because this stick wasn’t bad at all! It has a blurring primer at 1 end and the foundation at the other. This is probably a medium coverage at BEST. This isn’t a life changer but I should of got more because it was pretty decent. I tend to use stick foundations on my neck if I’ve used a foundation that didn’t really match my skin tone so I can blend it a bit more to match. Don’t worry you’ll see this brand come through my blog in the future!

Well alright! I hope you all enjoyed the journey so go ahead and return to your regularly scheduled lives and we’ll meet back here. Same rebel channel and same rebel time! Thank you, as always, for your support and love because it helps me to grow and be seen. Please visit my linktree HERE (sometimes I’m doing random shit on other social media platforms and sometimes not lol). Stay classy & make good choices!


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