Poison Ivy by Milan Rowe Makeup & Doodles By The Bunny

Hello Rebels! How’s everyone doing? Great. Moving on…sooo if you remember this was a palette I had mentioned in my holiday guide a couple weeks ago. I’m always interested in brands I’ve never tried before or even heard of. I’ll do a check in of reviews with the other products they sell to just get a feel of consistency and performance. Depending on price, I’ll grab a couple of products to do a random blind test without reviews. I can always give it away or return it if it doesn’t work for me. This palette has a bit of a fun story behind it so leave your beauty standards at the door and come with me on a Poison Ivy tour…

*I did purchase these at a 40% discount so make sure you’re always looking for coupons when it comes to ANY makeup purchases*

First look, this is a beautiful palette. Greens can be a little overwhelming and scary sometimes. I stopped being scared of them when i incorporated them a little at a time. I hope to feel that way with blue at some point as well HA! @doodlesbythebunny makes illustrations of palettes for makeup companies and Milan Rowe Cosmetics picked up her illustration for Poison Ivy. Go check her out, she has some really amazing work and I truly hope she gets picked up by more companies. In fact, I know she will! She really understands a color combo that makes sense and is true to the subject at hand. If Urban Decay & Too Faced would pick up her work, I can guarantee they’d have a better following because I know a lot of people are getting tired of the same thing over and over again. Yeah. I said what I said. Do better because we deserve it as consumers.

On to the palette, it’s just really gorgeous. 6 mattes, 5 shimmers & 1 glitter. The glitter reminds me of Christmas lights and it’s best used if you pat it on and don’t smear it. It’s not easy to move if you smear. Again, I’m aware of the dangers to glitter in the immediate eye area. Don’t shove it in your eye. You’ve been warned. I did have some issues with the mattes. They were a little hard to blend and a little patchy but not complete shit. The shimmers are B-E-A-utiful and so smooth. I would absolutely purchase another palette down the line and in hopes the mattes are easier to blend (Poison Ivy Palette $39).

I went ahead and grabbed these 2 Cashmere Liquid Lipsticks. They had some decent deals going on during Black Friday & Cyber Monday. These aren’t completely matte so they did wear down faster but at almost paying $8 a piece, these are a good buy. These were also not drying at all. Make sure you do a sugar scrub and mask before your matte lipstick application. It helps to not dry out your lips with a “matte” lipstick and it helps to not make it look like you have “butt hole” lips. Yep. Take that in and imagine it. It’s not cute is it? Exfoliate and moisturize your lips (He’s Mine $17 & Bombshell $17).

Just a short blog today! I am very happy with venturing out on this brand and taking a chance. I will 100% use this palette again and again. Did you guys take a chance on a brand you knew nothing about? Let me know down below! As always, thank you for taking the time to read all my bullshit and your continued support. Come see me on all of my other social media platforms HERE and help me grow! Don’t forget, stay classy & make good decisions!


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