Ulta Haul From Black Friday Sale

Hey Rebels! Welcome back! I had these products sitting in my Ulta basket for MONTHS! Just waiting for the Black Friday sale. I always tell you guys to wait for sales or research around for those coupons. Make up and skin care is always changing and new things just pop up out of no where. I do my very best to either buy things with a coupon or on sale (awesome when I get both!), but never full price! In this blog, I’ll let you know what my purchase price was and what it is now. I did get the Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density but I’ve only been using it every day for almost a month and I’m not ready to release my thoughts on that just yet. I’m not sure if I’ve been very vocal about my hair journey? My hair has been thinning out at an alarming rate (don’t worry it has stopped since I started using products to help) but I will address that next year when I’m ready. Let’s go ahead and leave our beauty standards at the door and jump right into this haul…

*All swatches were done with no primer and 1-2 swipes of product*

Juvia’s Place The Blushed Rose Palette (ulta.com – purchased @ $8.40 Now $9.80) – I have been wanting to try this company out for the longest time and it would just keep slipping my mind. There is 0 effort needed to blend these colors. Every. Single. Pan. Beautiful colors and the shimmers were like BUTTAH! The pans weren’t labeled with names and so I named them myself. No funny stuff this time because I’m taking this gorgeous palette serious (weird right?!). This is 100% worth the price and I will absolutely try out more of their products. Please, go find something that you need in your collection, you will not be sorry!

Cloud 2.0 by Ariana Grande (ulta.com $65 paid/Now) – Apparently this one is only at Ulta and before I get a ration of shit for buying an Ariana Grande perfume, let me explain. I got a sample of this and it smelled really good on me. I kept it in my cart for MONTHS and it was something different that I didn’t really have. It’s sweet but also has notes of a spicy musk. Do I regret this? Kind of. Perfume for me is serious business (LOL). Smells hold memories (new or old), they always have and always will. They can remind you of things or people and I’ve just always had a thing for “smells.” It’s kind of hard to explain and if I try to explain this anymore I’ll look more crazy then I looked before I started this. Packaging is actually quite cute. The circular bottle comes out of the blue cloud stand. What do you do with that after the perfume is gone? I don’t know. Q-tip holder? Who knows…but if you are interested, please get a sample or go check it out in store. I will always suggest getting a sample or going into the store to check out perfumes before you buy, but I feel like everyone does that? Do you buy perfume blind? I’d love to hear about that down below if you do!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit (ulta.com purchased & still @ $20) – Buy this. Right now. DO NOT wait on this. This has to be one of my most favorite face palette’s I’ve ever had. There’s 2 bronzers and 2 highlights. The bronzers can double as bronzer + highlight. The “Bronzed” is a warmer bronzer and “Tourmaline” is a cooler bronzer. I can use both of these with no issues and they both look amazing on me – a little at a time to build up is best. Go easy on these bronzers because it can go south with being as pigmented as they are. This is the most perfect palette for a “sun kissed glow.” The highlights aren’t blinding in the least, but also buildable to a “glow within.” I purchased this years ago and hit pan with a few of them. New packaging but same formula, I will forever love this palette and purchase it when the one I have expires. On a normal basis, this palette runs at $40 so half off is 100% worth it!

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Ultra Glitter Polly & Sequin (ulta.com Bought @ $3 Now $6) – I was in a “copper” mood and these super shock shadows are hard to pass up at $3 a piece on sale. $6 isn’t even that bad with how these perform. Polly is a little bit more of a “rose gold” and Sequin is definitely a copper. The “ultra glitter” isn’t my most favorite in the super shock family but again, they all perform beautifully. They’re always smooth and add that perfect POP as an eyeshadow topper. The lighter shades are perfect for the inner corner of the eye. Please check these out if you can (21 shades), I promise you won’t be let down!

L.A. Girl Holographic Topper in Starlight (ulta.com bought @ $2.99 Now $4.99) – These are beautiful and I honestly don’t really love lip glosses. They’re sticky, my hair gets stuck in it and it wears very quickly. Now, this is a brand that I’d like to go a little deeper into because it’s on the lower costing side and I’ve heard good/bad things on it. Now this is a holographic sheen to it so it’s a bit “1990’s” so make sure that’s what you’re looking for in a lip topper. I think it’s fun and I’ve been loving yellow/gold highlighted products lately and I love this being part of my collection.

TAH DAH! That’s all folks! I hope you’re all able to pick up a few of these things if you like them or get them for Christmas. 1 more blog until the new year! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for 2022! Please let me know if there’s anything you really want me to dive deep into for the next year. I have some plans and possibly some videos coming! As always, please check my link tree out HERE and thank you for helping me grow. Merry Christmas – stay classy & make good decisions.


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