Norvina Collection Vol. 3 x Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hello Rebels! Happy 2022! Welcome to the year that’s going to be 1,000 times better then last year. Well, that’s what I’m going to be manifesting so you just go ahead and do it with me. Any who, I’ve been holding onto this palette for a couple of weeks because I really am intrigued with all of these colors in one palette. I love a good color story but there is the most chaotic color story going on here and I couldn’t be any more excited to talk to you all about it! Let’s go ahead and leave those pesky beauty standards at the door and dive in…

Yes. This is a lot to take in. It’s overwhelming, I know…

I see SO many opportunities in these 25 pans and the world is your oyster! This is labeled as:

A professional-grade artistry palette featuring 25 deluxe-sized, high-performance shades with a stunning autumn-inspired color story.


You all know I love a good Fall palette and this one had me and I absolutely couldn’t let this one get away. I waited 2 months to grab this on BoxyCharms Pop Up and I finally got it. I am in no way upset with this palette at all. Very minimal shades of blue so I knew this could be a top 5 staple palette that I can reach for time and time again. This is a hefty palette and feels like it will hold up through anything. The mirror is the size of the palette – I’d love to say this will be a good “travel” palette but it’s very large and a bit heavy. However, if you’re a make up artist (MUA) I’d never leave this at home. The shade numbers. You allllll know how I feel about that but, here’s their description for each one:

  • A1 (Matte chartreuse yellow)
  • A2 (Matte vibrant orange pressed pigment)*
  • A3 (Matte harvest pumpkin pressed pigment)*
  • A4 (Fresh green with a silver sparkle)
  • A5 (Matte intense red-orange pressed pigment)*
  • B1 (Metallic aqua)
  • B2 (Matte jade with a gold sparkle)
  • B3 (Matte hot flamingo pink pressed pigment)*
  • B4 (Matte royal fuchsia pressed pigment)*
  • B5 (Matte light apricot pressed pigment)*
  • C1 (Metallic sparkling white wine)
  • C2 (Matte candy apple pressed pigment)*
  • C3 (Matte baked cinnamon pressed pigment)*
  • C4 (Matte mulberry pressed pigment)*
  • C5 (Titanium teal with a gold sparkle)
  • D1 (Matte warm cider pressed pigment)*
  • D2 (Pale peach with a gold sparkle pressed pigment)*
  • D3 (Matte true lime green)
  • D4 (Metallic orange with a gold sparkle pressed pigment)*
  • D5 (Peach nectar with a gold sparkle pressed pigment)*
  • E1 (Matte shamrock green pressed pigment)*
  • E2 (Matte merlot pressed pigment)*
  • E3 (Matte vibrant coral pressed pigment)*
  • E4 (Matte dandelion yellow)
  • E5 (Metallic magenta with a pink iridescent shift pressed pigment)*

You’re probably wondering what’s up with the asterisks at the end of those colors. Well, it means those colors are not intended to be used in the “immediate eye area.” So why would they put them in an “EYEshadow” palette, you ask? Pigments may cause irritation and staining on the skin. I’ve said many times before that I don’t get irritation too often. The staining (mostly in red shadows) maybe lasts a day but goes away after 2 face washes. Make that decision for yourself though because there’s plenty of good working eyeshadows that are labeled “safe” out there.

I found these blended so beautifully – both the mattes and shimmers. A little goes a long way! Here’s a few tips on application straight from ABH:

  • Little pressure is needed when picking up product.
  • Apply light shades to highlight and accentuate features. Apply medium shades to contour and transition color for a blended finish. Apply deeper shades to define and line.
  • Use a small, dense brush to deposit the pressed pigments and eyeshadows. Use a fluffy brush to blend.
  • Apply eye primer to help these highly saturated pressed pigments and eyeshadows adhere and stay in place, ensuring maximum color payoff and performance.
  • Apply any of the bright shades to the cheek area as a a blush. Apply any of the bronzy, warm-toned shades to the hollows of the cheek to contour to the face.
  • Mix shades together to create your own custom colors.
  • All shades can be applied to the face and body.
  • Mist brush with setting spray after picking up product for a more intense payoff of shimmer shades.

Well, that about sums up everything about this beautiful palette. I purchased this at $20 (there was a reason I waited on this one lol) and you can purchase the palette HERE for $60 and it’s worth ALL $60 to me! Alright, I hope you all have the most amazing week and start to the new year. Don’t forget to check out all of my updated social media HERE and as always, stay classy & make good decisions.


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