Smash or Pass: Part 4

Well hello again Rebels, fancy meeting you here! Just kidding, it’s Tuesday so of course you’re here! How about another installment of Smash or Pass? The good, the bad and pretty much all of the ugly! Spoiler Alert: There’s only a couple few that deserve a nice word or 2 soooo let’s leave those beauty standards at the door, saddle up, because I have some real shit to say…

*I will not link any of these products (ok I linked 1), list prices or swatch below*

  • Touch in Sol: Fill Up Orange: I did a beautiful look with this pallet. I almost used all of the pressed glitter to salvage the look because these dusty/crusty eyeshadows were absolutely terrible. 0 pigment = payoff and FORGET blending because when you think you’re getting somewhere POOF, blending turns into nooooothing. It’s as if you didn’t just spend 15 minutes building up the color. Also, this palette makes me so mad I can’t even give this shit names. Oh and here’s the look (There was so much glitter on my face to make up what the rest of this palette couldn’t do):
It was a very rock & roll type situation LOL

Anyways, you get the point. HATED IT! I also paid $5 for it so that should of told me something. But I know I slayed the look 🙂 PASS!

  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner Black: FYI I’m 39 guys. I have wrinkles. It’s really difficult to find a liquid liner that isn’t going to bleed and spread out in those lines on my eye lid. This doesn’t seem to be a terrible liner, it’s more of a stiff applicator and those have never been my favorite. With that being said, I’ll find another home for this guy but it’s a PASS for me! I think me and liquid liner need to see other people 😦
  • BoxyCharm Sponge Washing “Machine”: Listen, I’m not going to spend any more time then I have to on this one. I bought one of these a couple years back for $5 and figured out this was shit. You literally waste money on putting batteries in it so the sponge can float on top and it spins around for nothing to happen. The absolute WORST part of this specific one is BoxyCharm decided the MSRP on this is $40!!! Who. The. Fuck. Decided. That. Fire them. Anyone and everyone that agreed on that. FIRED! Mother fucking PASS! DO BETTER!
It’s Sherbert Day – It autocorrected on me and I can’t bother to check my spelling. I’m a mess, take it or leave it.
  • Halo Top x ColourPop Super Shock Shadow: I have gone on and on about the super shock products and they truly are amazing. However, something wasn’t right about these from Day 1. Sherbert Day was crumbly and weird and Creamsicle had very little pay off. These were the only 2 I’ve ever had issues with. I will say, I do enjoy the Ultra Glitter over the Ultra Metallic. Sadly, this was a PASS for me but, this won’t stop me from purchasing others because I’ll SMASH the rest of the line!
  • Kinder Glow Highlight: These are very pretty looking at them in the compact but sadly they were dusty and didn’t last very long. I did try them multiple times and they swatched beautifully but swatches don’t always mean they’ll go on your face as well as they do your arm or hand! I will disinfect this one and find a new home for it: PASS!
  • Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (640 Embrace): Worst part of trying to find the perfect matte lipstick is getting to experience the absolute worst formulas. This one was pretty terrible. Once it dried down, and anything wet was introduced to it, it would ball up so bad. The consistency wasn’t something I could ignore. It was just a gross, slimy feeling. Adios sludgy lipstick! PASS!
  • Skin Inc Supplement Bar My Daily Dose Serum Cocktail: This was a really amazing serum that sunk into my skin with 0 issue. I believe I had this in my routine from summer. I’ve had struggles finding skincare that sinks in my skin here in Florida. This little cocktail did the trick! SMASH! Ok I am going to sneak this link in about the company and what they do. Very innovative idea and it’s customizable HERE.
  • PUR 4-1 Correcting Primer Energize & Rescue: I really love the products PUR puts out and their pricing is between drug store and high end. It’s a good place to be especially if you put out good products. This was part of a “coconut water” line that they did and it was just a really nice primer. I didn’t have any issues with it not getting along with foundations or other skincare. It was good but I don’t think I’d buy it again. It didn’t do anything extra special. However, this is definitely a SMASH item!
  • Tarte Big Ego Mascara Black: I used this mascara so much! It was volume and lengthening! You don’t run into mascaras that provide that AND they don’t flake. Due to the amazing staying power it was a little difficult getting off. You will need a micellar water, cleansing balm and a cleanser. This was a thick formula so less is more but this was a total SMASH.

Well that’s it for another round of Smash or Pass! I hope you enjoyed my truth because it was all of the truth inside of my body into this blog lol but HEY! I had a few nice things to say and it wasn’t all bad right? Oh well it is what it is and I do it all for you!!! Thank you for always helping me grow and all of your support. Find me HERE on all of my social media platforms and stay tuned for even more content from yours truly. Stay classy & make good decisions…



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