Kaima Cosmetics – Chameleon Flakes, Duochrome Glitter & cRYSTAL pIGMENT

Hey Rebels! Welcome back to another round of a beautiful disaster! Today we step outside of normal eye shadows and delve into the world of loosey goosey pigments, flakes & glitter. Full transparency, I did buy these last year and I needed time to play and finally read the directions. I never read directions even though I know I should but, I just LOVE learning the hard way I guess. Anyways, I worked it out so I’m ready to share with the magical world of Kaima Cosmetics with all of you. Do you want to come on this amazing journey? Welp, leave your beauty standards at the door and let’s get to it…

Ok so loose glitters or shadows are scary. The possibility of dumping it all over the place is really good especially with my luck. Ok so lets go over what each texture I got is and what it does:

Chameleon Flakes (Heavenly, Angelic & Carnival): “What makes our flakes unique, is that they are made using Pigment & not harsh glitter particles. Making them soft, lightweight & comfortable to wear. Each of our chameleon flakes have their own special effect, changing different colors as you move into different angles of light. Unique, stunning & definitely stands out from the crowd.”

  • Heavenly: No longer available but ‘Tutti Frutti‘ would be a close 2nd.
  • Angelic $13: Shifts from Lilac to a Holographic rainbow effect
  • Carnival $13: Shifts from a Pink to a Green/Yellow effect

Duochrome Glitter (Pharoah): “These change two different shades ✨ as you move into different angles of light & Has a stunning 3D effect sparkle.”

  • Pharoah $9: Shifts from Brown/Gold to Pink effect
  • Pumpkin Spice: No longer available but ‘Euphoria‘ would be a close 2nd.

Crystal Pigment (Fantasia): “Smooth feel, super sparkly, can be worn as both highlighter & as a stunning glitter eyeshadow”

  • Fantasia $12: Shifts from Pink to Peachy/Orange effect

Here are the 2 products I used: Kaima Cosmetics Glistening Pigment Mix (5ml $10 &10ml $13) NYX Glitter Primer ($5.64 Amazon). Not gonna lie, they both worked well (almost identical!) So make your own decision!

Here’s where I screwed up, I took the pigment mix and placed it in a dish then dropped the flakes into it. It bunched and clumped and it was a complete disaster. DO NOT DO THIS! It even picked up the normal eyeshadow that I laid down first. The correct way was to pat the primer down and pat the flakes on top of it. PAT. WITH. YOUR. FINGER! Do not brush on and do not try to spread it.

The duochromes and glitter are a little different: You can pat, spread, and brush on. Very easy application and here are the results! *I used Heavenly on most of the lid and towards the outside of the eye I brushed Fantasia out around Heavenly*

Well these magical little pots are 150% worth the price and I will absolutely purchase more. It’s a whole new way of applying makeup and the intensity is breathtaking! Sometimes we need to let all anxiety go and try the loosey goosey stuff and have some fun with it. If makeup isn’t fun, you’re doing something wrong and find what’s going to make it fun for you!

Thank you all for taking time out to read this delightful blog! Make sure you’re checking out all of my Social Media HERE and don’t forget to check out my *NEW* segment “Skincare Basics” Wednesdays @ 8pm Est. As always Rebels, stay classy & make good choices!



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