Brush & Sponge Cleaning 101

Hello Rebels! Welcome back to an exciting world of makeup and what nots! This week I take you down the dirty road of cleaning your brushes and sponges (well at least how I do it). It’s one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to makeup and skincare but if you keep all of your tools clean, you’ll reduce the risk of breakouts or rashes. Clean tools means happy skin (less contact dermatitis!) so even if it’s the worst part, please still do it when you can. I do have a decent amount of brushes so when I’m cleaning my “Team A” brushes, I still have “Team B” waiting in the wings to be used.

I did something different guys and I’m really excited to show you! I made a couple of short videos on my cleaning process that will be uploaded to all of my social media HERE. Remember, I have goals in place and I’m 100% going to reach them and beyond. I also welcome ALL of the constructive criticism because I know I still have SO much to learn on this journey. With that being said, leave your beauty standards at the door and enjoy the videos below:


Brush & Sponge Cleaning 101: Part 1…Thank you for making affordable and AMAZING brushes ❤️ @modabrush @realtechniques @wetnwildbeauty

♬ State Lines – Novo Amor

Brush & Sponge Cleaning 101: Part 2!@wetnwildbeauty PLEASE bring back the brush cleaning soap in your next release! The world needs this soap again ❤️ @modabrush @realtechniques

♬ State Lines – Novo Amor

Alright, now that you have a visual of my process, I’ll go ahead and be a little bit more specific here.

  • Country Chic (BBW) Shower Gel: If I didn’t have this stuff hanging around I’d use Dawn dish soap. I’ve tried a handful of “brush cleaners” and I’m just not excited about any of them except the Gary soap. I almost feel like they tack on more money to regular soaps to make you think it’s a miracle in a bottle. So just to clear the air, I don’t seek out BBW soaps to clean my brushes or sponges!
  • Gary Soap: I feel like I have to say this again, DO NOT BUY THIS SOAP UNLESS IT’S LISTED AT $5. This is good soap and I love it BUT, this is not something you need to purchase for more then that. I’m really going to look into the ingredients and figure out something that gets close to it. Let me know if you’re interested in me revealing what I’ve found!
  • Where to purchase my brushes & sponges: Moda Brushes, Real Techniques, Wet n Wild & Juno&Co (sponges). Click on any of those links if you’re interested in any of them. You can also find most of these at Target, Walmart and Amazon. GREAT starter brushes!
  • When to throw tools away: If my sponges stop being soft, won’t soak up liquid or has a rip/tear in them, they go in the trash. Other then that I will keep a sponge till any of those things happen. Rips and tears can cause a bacteria and mold build up and I’m not about that life. With brushes, if they fall apart or end up misshaped, they have to go in my opinion.
  • Drying brushes: I didn’t want to shake the camera around to show you how I get the extra water out of my brushes but I spin them between my hands. You’ll get a little wet but if you squeeze out the excess it won’t be terrible. I’ll shape them back to the normal shape after and then let them dry.
  • Drying: I live in Florida and my bathroom is just a humid room all the time. I don’t let my brushes or sponges dry in the bathroom (remember this is something you smash on your face). If you have the same issues, please make sure you let them dry in a much dryer environment. Bacteria tends to hang out in warm and wet places so put them in a place where they’ll dry faster and won’t collect as much bacteria as it would in a bathroom.
  • Trays/palettes: Honestly, go to the Dollar Tree or whatever dollar store you have in your area. These are considered “bar soap holders” but I’ve also seen them in the candle section as well! If you enjoy mixing your products to make up colors or to make a new texture, these trays are SO helpful and super easy to clean.

Rebels! that’s the end of my brush and sponge cleaning tutorial! I hope you enjoyed the videos and this blog. As always, thank you for your support with everything! Your comments, loves, likes and shares mean the absolute WORLD to me! Don’t forget, tomorrow I’ll drop the new Skincare Basics – Moisturizers @ 8pm est! Stay classy & make good decisions!!!


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