Random Product Tuesday: Part 3

Hello Rebels! Hope your week has been stellar! Are you ready for another edition of Random Products??? I know I am. I’ve had these products for quite some time and I’ve been using them as much as possible so I can give you the fair review you all deserve. These were all bought in store except the ColourPop palette and stix. Without further ado, leave your beauty standards at the door and LET’S GOOOOOOOO…

  • ColourPop Lucky Penny Palette $14: I love copper & rose gold. It could be a fixture, makeup, jewelry, WHATEVER annnd I will always need it in my life! The metallic shades in this palette are different shades of copper. Some with pink, red, orange & yellow. SO BEAUTIFUL. The only downfall to this is there really isn’t a lighter shade for a transition color (this is a lighter shade you would use first on your eyes to show an even color transition). I can find one in my collection, but if this is someone’s 1st palette, it might not work if you don’t want such a bold look. Other then that, blendability, pigment and ease make me really LOVE this palette!
  • ColourPop Good & Copper Lite & Blush Stix Kit $16: This was the only kit that was left before they restocked on the other 2 sets. This really isn’t for my skin tone BUT, with a little patience and using a little at a time, I was able to make a beautiful sun kissed look. I know I always say this (So listen to me would ya?), you can take any tone or color and use it for something else! I’m going to see if I can use it has a eyeshadow and I know I’ll have to set it with powder so it doesn’t crease. I had 0 issues with these – they blended so well and built up beautifully! TIP: If you’re intimidated by liquid/cream blush, don’t be! Use a little and you’ll notice you’ll have to build it up quite a bit to see pigment. If you have dry mature skin, liquid/cream products are the way to go. They’ve been life changing for me.
  • ELF Putty Primer in Matte, Poreless & Luminous $9: You get 3 small pots to test them all out! But seriously guys, Don’t sleep on these primers. Oily? Get the Matte. Dry/Combo? Get Poreless or Luminous. These are by far the BEST primers that don’t cost an arm and leg and they WORK. I’ve had the Poreless for quite some time now (full size is $9 each) and I know I’ve talked about it. I’ve been a little iffy about ELF products (I wasn’t impressed with their OLD setting spray, concealer or foundation) but I’m giving them a 2nd chance and they’re slowly but surely winning my heart back. I really want to check out their skincare lines and their Cookies & Cream collection (the primer is the Poreless but it smells like cookies & cream FYI). Please try them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Setting spray locks on makeup for up to 16 hours of wear

Infused with skin-loving ingredients, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Aloe and Green Tea Leaf Extract to help hydrate and soothe the skin

Features new micro-fine mister for ultimate coverage and easy application


Ok. Let’s just call a spade a spade shall we? There isn’t a single setting spray that keeps makeup together for ALL skin types for that long of a period. Also, “good for all skin types”…No. Sensitive skin may not like these ingredients. I say all of that, to say this – find a setting spray that fits YOU. You can’t always believe every claim you see. That’s like saying, “you can believe everything on the internet” because you can’t! Yes they do studies! Buuuut are they doing studies on every skin type? Maybe, but still…the claim of how long things last are pretty laughable. I live in Florida so that shit isn’t lasting. But anywayssssss, I liked this setting spray a lot (you weren’t expecting that after that rant were you?). Natural finish is always a win for me (I’m really struggling with dry skin right now in the winter) and there isn’t a strong scent, it’s very clean. I 100% suggest this setting spray!

  • ELF Jelly Highlighter in Dew $4.80: Um. Be very careful with application. I patted it on my hand and decided this was going to serve as a better liquid eyeshadow for me. It’s absolutely stunning! It goes VERY well with the Lucky Penny palette and you won’t use a lot each time. As long as you keep the lid on tight, this shouldn’t dry out. This looks to be on sale or on clearance so pick it up if you’re curious!
  • Wet n Wild Bare Focus Clarifying Finishing Powder in Translucent $3.99: I’ve noticed that compact powder is working a lot better under my eyes then loose powder was. You pick too much powder up with the loose kind and honestly, I don’t “bake” under my eyes so I really have no business using them anymore. Another big thing for me is, does it disturb my foundation when I brush it on? No it does not! BIG win for me. I’m really happy with this powder and I think it’s time to say good bye to the loose shit lol If you need a light powder, this one is for you!
  • Wet n Wild Bloomin’ Blush in Flower Power: I can’t find anyone that’s still selling this collection online. I purchased 2 products that were left at 5 Below and I haven’t seen it anywhere since. This blush is really pretty. It’s mostly a matte color but there’s a tiny bit of shimmer. This isn’t very pigmented but it’s the perfect pink for a light look.
  • Wet n Wild Bloomin’ Face Mist: I made sure I shook this up before I took this picture because there’s A LOT of shimmer in there. Oily people please steer clear of this spray because this is dewy AF! Stronger smell then the ELF one so please keep that mind also. Wet n Wild makes some pretty good setting sprays but they are heavy in fragrance and your makeup doesn’t last forever. They make PERFECT purse or bag sprays because of their size. Feeling dry and you want to glow? This one is for you!

Welp. That’s all folks! Hope you had an amazing journey with me on Random Product Tuesday because I did! Don’t forget tomorrow is Skincare Basics: SPF edition @ 8 pm Est. & you can find me on all of my social medias HERE. As always thank you for your continued support, it mean the absolute world to me! Stay classy & make good decisions!!!


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