Glamlite Icee Palette & Products That Hold Great Memories!

Hey Rebels! I hope you’ve all been well this week and ready for another deepish dive into one of my favorite brands that’s not talked about enough! I wouldn’t say this is a deep underground brand any more. There’s been lots of beauty influencers that have showcased the burger & taco palette quite awhile ago! I also featured the Mikayla collab from last year (HERE) and it’s easily one of my most favorite formulations in my collection. I hope it becomes more popular because of it’s formulation and it’s a pretty affordable brand over others. Let’s go ahead and leave our beauty standards at the door and jump into it…

  • Glamlite ICEE Cherry Palette $25: I’m a really big red and pink eyeshadow lover. At first glance, I would assume a person who doesn’t love makeup would have some difficulty understanding why a person would buy a palette like this that has SO many similar colored pans. I see it as “what kind of look am I going for?” You can go from a bright ass pink to a deep dark cherry and to brighten it up with a lighter or darker shimmer to accompany it. These matte shadows are absolutely pigmented without a doubt! They blend and move with so much ease. My only issue is with the shimmers, they didn’t pop as much and they were also not as smooth as they were in the Mikayla palette. There was a bit of fall out as well, so make sure you’re doing your eyes before the rest of your face. “Colorful Tongue” & “Fruity” were very close in color and “White Cherry” was not as bright in it’s reflective properties. I would absolutely suggest this palette on the mattes alone, but I would wait for a good discount or when it goes on clearance to purchase this one if you’re interested. There was no scent (that kind of bummed me out a bit) and the last picture I posted above shows this does stain. Please double cleanse (cleansing balm & a regular face wash) before you go to bed and there might be some lingering color but once you wash your face the next day, it should be all gone!

Inspired by the delicious and popular Mexican treat, our Concha Highlighter is a pastel pink highlighting powder that creates a blinding glow with an ultra shimmering finish. Highlight your favorite features with our ultra smooth formula!


I can understand how you’d think this leans on a more pastel purple in the photos. It looks very lavender in the compact. Once you get it on the brush and swipe it on your skin, it does look like a pastel pink and you can layer it up because it isn’t as pigmented as it looks here! This is 50% off right now so it is 100% worth that price. This has a very light, sweet and creamy vanilla smell to it and I appreciate that. It does remind me of those delicious sweet breads at the Mexican bakery back in California! After school we’d go here and grab a couple of the bright colored breads to eat while we did homework. Well now I want one LOL!

  • Horchata Lip Gloss: I could of sworn this was still available but it’s not! However, there’s one just like it Champurrado Lips $6 and it’s more of a chocolate and cinnamon flavor- it looks to be a bit darker of a gloss then the one I got. Horchata has to be hands down one of the most loved flavors/drinks I truly miss from California. Ordering a carne asada burrito just never felt the same if you didn’t order the rice and cinnamon milk drink with it! This is just a lip gloss and it’s not opaque, you can see some color but not too much. The packaging itself is super fun, its a triangular tube that has a thin mirror on one of its sides. I haven’t seen too many companies do that! Then again, I’m constantly dropping all of the things so we’ll see how much I love that mirror in due time LOL! I’m not a huge lip gloss fan (this was a “memory unlocked” moment for me) but they have quite a few on sale for $6 & $7 (clear and colored).
  • Chocolate Donut Lash – Marble Glazed $6: I love Glamlite for how wild the eye lashes can get. I wanted to try them but I always felt they were always too “over the top” or I would look awful in lashes that are a bit too “extra.” Extra can be fun sometimes and can even elevate an eye look. Lashes aren’t something I’m even close to be being a pro on but it’s a process of continuing to do it and practicing with PATIENCE! TIP: Make sure you measure your lashes to your eye lid and cut the ends to fit. There’s nothing worse in having a lash that’s too long poking you every time you blink! Also, LET THE GLUE GET TACKY BEFORE YOU PUT THE LASH ON (I’m mostly yelling at myself because I have no patience and throw the lash on after 5.2 seconds and then get mad at the lash…)! Last but not least, get a Lash Applicator Tool (this one is around $5 but I’m sure they have them at the Dollar.25 Store too). I’m still navigating this portion of the beauty world but the Lash Duo Clear Glue has been the best glue I’ve tried!

That’s it Rebels! Just a quick one this week and I hope you learned about a few products that caught your attention. Don’t forget to keep up with my social media and see what’s new in the beauty world, HERE and Skincare Basics post is tomorrow (3.2) @ 8pm Est as well! Thank you for your continued support & LOVE, it helps me grow! Stay classy & make good decisions!



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