Smash or Pass: Part 5

Oh hey Rebels! Are you ready for another Smash or Pass? Hope so because it’s going to happen! I will say though, there’s a lot more loves in this group. Also, I have included skincare empties to go over as well. I will of course, let you know if I got anything from my past BoxyCharm boxes, if something isn’t available and if it is, I’ll list the current price. The swatches I did are on products no longer available but I just wanted to show the texture and what I was working with. If it is available, please do not pay anymore then a few dollars more then what it originally went for (I’m seeing a lot of price gouging). Leave your standards at the door and lets get to it…

  • Hard Candy Look Pro! Eyeshadow Palette in Earthly Vixen (Not Available): Ok I think I swore off Hard Candy (like an official breakup) but I received this as a gift. The color story was so fun and I’ve always loved their packaging and branding. However, here we are again – they’re packed so hard that I have to really disrupt the pan to pull anything. I don’t know if you can tell, but what I did pull, was very crumbly and quite patchy. This absolutely translates on the eyes for me as well. I’ve seen some very positive reviews on this palette so it could very well be me and my skin. It happens! Deep down inside I’m rooting for ALL drugstores to find the winning formulas that will blow any high end company out of the water. Even though Hard Candy and I aren’t agreeing right now, doesn’t mean they can’t win my heart again! Hardy Candy I can’t wait for your formula to match your passion for packaging! Until then, PASS.
  • Wet n Wild Pacman High Score Blush Palette (Not Available): I’ve come to the conclusion that when a makeup line releases a PR set of the entire collection, it’s almost impossible to make it inclusive for everyone. These are not universal colors, in fact, this was one of many collections that finally made me look at a lot of other collections and question “Is this really inclusive to everyone or at least inclusive to quite a few people?” I’m not sure if the picture translates but this was a very “orange” face palette (2 blushes & 2 bronzers). What do I always say? If you can’t use it how it was intended, use it as something else! I did. This was a quick eyeshadow palette when I didn’t have the time for the detailed look. I also didn’t reach for it too often either because if I did use it for the bronzer, it would turn my face SUPER orange if I wasn’t careful. Palette’s like this have made me think twice about buying similar palettes that don’t have more options for others. Hopefully Wet n Wild is going to rethink their “inclusive” palette’s such as this. I’ll be ready when they they are, PASS.
  • Wet n Wild Bee Mine Honey Face Mist $5: I adore ALL of their face mists. They don’t set makeup for 16 hrs. or anything but these are amazing to throw in your bag or purse so you can apply anytime your face needs some hydration. This one has a scent of honey but it wasn’t a sickening sweet smell. This one is said to prime, set and rehydrate. This was 100% SMASH for me and I was pretty impressed with this whole collection they did, Wild Crush Collection and you should check it out HERE.
  • Ciate Everyday Vacay Coconut Setting Powder $22 (BoxyCharm Item): I sometimes have a love hate relationship with Ciate. However, this line was really amazing! I had the primer in this set and mentioned it in another blog, HERE. The smell wasn’t too over powering and this powder is so finely milled. Unfortunately, I’ve had to move on from loose setting powders because it makes my fine lines more pronounced and it’s a lot harder to use “a little bit” when even that looks like too much. Welcome to almost being 40 guys LOL! Things have to change and you may not like it but if you want your makeup to look good, less is more! For anyone looking for an amazing setting powder, SMASH.
  • ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Matte in Get Leid (Not Available): Now you all know how I feel about ColourPop’s Super Shock line. I love it and I can’t get enough! However, there’s different types of finishes. This one in particular, is matte. This was a very gorgeous color for the summer but it dried out and turned into almost a powder and you would think you could still use it? It wasn’t as pigmented and it just looked washed out. I’m going to stay away from this particular finish in this line. It’s a PASS for me!

Let me start off in saying, I have combination skin which leans oily in the summer and dry in the winter!

  • Breylee Rose Water Toner $13.99: I bought this during the summer last year and my skin didn’t like it all. I decided to keep it in a dry and cool place until winter came. Last year, when winter first started, I pulled it back out and my skin LOVED it! It does have a smell of roses and there are floating rose petals in it. When the petals came out on my cotton round pads they essentially disintegrated on my skin and I had no issues with it at all. There’s no alcohol and it sinks into my skin without feeling oily or dry. Since I’m completely out and I don’t have any other toners on hand, I’ll probably pick up the larger size for $17 and see if maybe my skin will accept it in the summer. If not, I know my skin will welcome it in the following winter. Hard SMASH for me!
  • Clara’s Serum + Vitamin E RT Retinol $18.99 (BoxyCharm Item): I’m pretty sure this was one of a few items I used that really helped my skin at the end of Summer/ Beginning of Winter. This sunk into my skin and I’m pretty sure it helped with my redness. I’m also very happy to see it’s very affordable but a little surprised this was in a Boxy Charm box because I’m sure it wasn’t listed at that price (Just checked it out and it’s listed for $24.99 on Boxy Charm). There’s always the possibility that it might not be the same product or it was modified. I’ll check it out when I through the serums I have in my stash. This was a SMASH for me.
  • Dr. Brandt Triple Antioxidant Face Cream $64 (BoxyCharm Item): This was such a perfect moisturizer for me during the summer and it’s 100% scent free! Summer’s a difficult time for me with products because it’s just so humid and hot here in Florida. Hardly any products seem to soak in and my oiliness just takes over and it’s just a mess. A fucking mess. Ok but $64…no but also yes. I know lol I know. It’s just so hard to find products sometimes and that’s why BoxyCharm was so great and also it will make you fall in love with with brands that ask for waaaay too much money. I hope for a coupon on top of it going on sale! It could happen! Last but not least, a portion of the proceeds from this cream goes to Miami Beach Pride’s newly established scholarship program and that’s another reason why this is worth the price as well. For me, it’s a SMASH.
  • Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer $70 (BoxyCharm Item): To my sister in law, Kim – THANK YOU again for sending me this for Christmas! Guys you know about this one. AMAZING! That price isn’t cute at all but this was another one that my skin did well with during the summer and the smell is a citrus clean smell which I love SO much. Kate Somerville makes some very quality products and for that those prices are up there. I’m glad I have another one for the summer coming up (summer feels like it already here and I’m already annoyed lol). This does list this as an “exfoliant” but I used it every day and had no issues. for me this is a hard SMASH.

Well that’s it Rebels! Thank you for hanging out with me for another week! Let me know if you’re loving Treat Yoself Mask Monday & Skincare Basics and I’ll keep doing them on a weekly basis. Thank you all for your continued support so keep sending those likes, loves, comments and shares never hurt! Don’t forget to keep up with all of my social media HERE! Last but not least, stay classy & make good decisions!!!


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