I Heart Revolution Cheese Board

Well hello Rebels! Welcome to the Cheese Board review! I’m a big fan of cheese so this was a no brainer for me to be honest ( I have a cheese drawer in my fridge. No lie). The only thing that was in the back of my head was the quality and formula of everything. I did purchase this with the understanding this collection could not be up to par. If you’re a creative person like myself, you already knew ALL of these palette’s can be “repotted” and you can mix shit up and put it back in (always have a backup plan). The packaging is always 100% amazing when it comes to I Heart Revolution. I will say this type of quality would be great for anyone just starting out (or just younger kids – ALWAYS DO A PATCH TEST 1ST!). I would of loved to of seen this type of stuff in my Christmas stocking when I was a teenager! Well, without further ado, lets leave our beauty standards at the door and dive in…

*Swatches in the photos above were only treated with a spray primer that I sprayed down before application*

  • The Big Cheese Shadow Palette $15: This is a very fun and “spring” color story we have here isn’t it? I very badly want Revolution to put in a little more effort with quality on their eyeshadows. Cost? Please, I’ll pay a couple extra dollars if this palette is less chunky, chalky and patchy. I’m honestly curious where the “this palette is AMAZING” reviews come from. Honestly! This whole palette isn’t shit but it’s definitely something you can’t always work with and it’s clear this isn’t the best quality. Don’t get me wrong, I mentioned above this is something for people to use when they first start off with makeup, but then again, why not be even a little bit better then that? I guess it’s the step above water color paints for me because if you want pastel colors that kinda show, then this palette is for you! Also, do we need 3 of the same pastel pink nudes that aren’t that easy to tell apart (I’m talking to you Brie, Nacho & Manchego!!!). The shimmer shades are really crumbly but they are beautiful. What I’m saying here is, do your eye look 1st because there will be fall out!
  • Cheese & Friend Makeup Sponge Duo $9: Whenever you see “fun” sponges in sets, they’re usually an odd shape that isn’t really “useful” for those tight corners of the inner eye or around the curvature of your nose. These 2, on the other hand, are 100% useful! It was probably a no brainer to use these shapes but you’d be surprised the shapes people make out of sponges that are completely useless! I would pick these up again!
  • The Cheese Lip Balm $7: Go buy this. I mean seriously, how can you not? This is why I keep coming back Revolution!!! THE PACKAGING. It’s just so genius lol This has a strawberry cheesecake scent and it’s smooth, moisturizing but kind of delicate. It will move around if you apply pressure. This will sit on my side table for the rest of its existence. I love this so much!

*Both of these small palettes have eye shadow primer under them and they did get a little more pigmented but weren’t the easiest to work with*

You’re probably wondering about the shade names and why I’ve put these 2 together. While going through all of my analytics monthly (sometimes weekly), I’ve noticed I have A LOT of people from Texas clicking on my blog, content and whatnot. A friend said “the next palette they don’t name, just name it after Texas!” (thanks Kristy you’re a genius!). So here it is! Texas, thank you for your continued support! These shadow names are for you!

  • The Mini Cheese Shadow Palette $9: Like I mentioned above, I used eyeshadow primer with these palettes and the pigment got better but the blendability didn’t really change. This is a good color story if you just want to grab the smallest palette out of the 2. I can probably pick 5 eye looks out right now with that little thing lol.
  • Cheese Highlighter Duo $8: If you want a lowkey highlighter that gives you 2 options in 1, then this is for you! Both colors are very beautiful to have on hand for basic highlighters that will go with SO many looks.

I’m sure you noticed the eyeshadow primer I used and that’s in some of the photos above. I’ve used this primer SO many times and it’s the best eyeshadow primer I’ve found thus far (and way more affordable then the Urban Decay one!). Check it out HERE. I did get the Nude & White one but when I run out I’ll just purchase the 2 Nudes. The white works but, it’s too white for a normal makeup look on me and for $10, it really is a steal!

Well?! That’s it. No shade to Revolution but seriously, we need QUALITY with the cute packaging! Bump up your cost a few bucks and please make it happen!!! I’m going to work with this collection to see if I can make things work out a little better. I’ve been trying to hold off on spending money on things that are just going to sit on a shelf. Maybe a challenge for myself is in the making for possibly the month of April? We shall see!

As always, thank you for your continued support with my blog, Treat YOSELF Mask Monday & Skincare Basics! Now to add to the list, Sephora Squad Applicant! Please click HERE to fill out a testimony for me to further push my application up the line! It would mean the absolute world to be chosen at Sephora to be in the squad. All of the knowledge and ventures into becoming something I’ve dreamed about? Priceless! Well Rebels, stay classy & make good decisions!



  1. Monch Weller

    Interesting set! I actually thought you were writing about a literal cheese platter, until I zoomed in! The cheese and mouse sponges are a fantastic idea, by the way.

    (On a side note, many thanks for following The Monching’s Guide! Couldn’t comment on your About page, so I’ll just leave this here if you don’t mind.)

    Liked by 1 person

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