Happy Mail!

Hey Rebels! Welcome back to another week of whatever this is that I’m doing. Sometimes I make this up as I go because I procrastinate or something catches my attention and I really feel it pull me in to write about it (SQUIRREL!). If you don’t know there’s something absolutely beautiful happening on social media right now called “Happy Mail!” It’s where you make a list on Amazon, share the link in your bio (don’t worry! you can make your address a secret!) on any or all social media accounts and people can buy and send you random things! It’s a way to show a friend that you’re thinking of them or just doing it for a random stranger! Remember when people would pay for the person behind them at Starbucks or a random drive thru? It’s very much like that and I wanted to highlight a couple things I got and the beautiful humans behind my Happy Mail! Let’s go ahead and leave our beauty standards at the door and get into it!

  • Kyla Highlighter Spray in Pearl White: I threw this on my list because my mom collected perfume bottles and I’ve always liked this old school look to them! This is a very fine powder but it’s absolutely STUNNING. These aren’t anything that you can control btw (it will spray where ever it fucking feels like it) and I kind of like it that way. You get to make “happy mistakes” or maybe “ok yeah too much but whatever.” Regardless, if you like throwing shimmer at your face haphazardly, then get this because it’s fun and you’ll never know what it will do. I love it, thank you Kristy!

Hi Kristy. You have a beautiful heart to go with the absolutely beautiful family that you are the heart of. You make me laugh till I can’t breathe and you share every beautiful, embarrassing and down right hilarious moments on TikTok and my favorite, you could give a shit less what the world thinks. You’re strong, ornery as hell and an absolute spitfire. Please don’t ever change! Thank you for the absolutely beautiful “Happy Mail.” A blessing indeed sister Kristy (LOL)! Rebels PLEASE check this hilarious lady out on TikTok @nz.mummy.kristy xoxo

  • Catkin Eyeshadow Palette C07: Guess what? This palette wasn’t named and you know what that means??? My last ad I ran through Facebook pulled in a TON of people from California and looking at the color story, I dedicated it to my mom (are you noticing the theme here? Lol). I was born and raised in San Diego, CA and it’s where my mom lived and died. This palette felt like her when I saw it in person so for that, it’s hers! This is an absolutely beautiful palette, thank you La. Bella. Luna! The shimmers actually held different colors in them and they were SO hard to pick up on video and pictures but they’re gorgeous. “Prom Dress” is my absolute favorite because it really does perfectly match my “2000 prom dress” … and you probably didn’t think I still had the damn thing…FOOLED YOU!

Hi Miss Luna <3! Thank you for this beautiful gift. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to play with it more! You are a woman that rights wrongs, has a full heart of love for mostly everyone (keyword mostly lol), and you just want to see & make everyone smile. You thank me for my support and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for everyone! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, YOU deserve the moon and the stars dear Luna. With your heart and compassionate soul, YOU deserve it ALL. Guys, please give @la.bella.luna on TikTok a follow! She’s into nature and all things outside! Peaceful things…we could all use a little peace and nature!

That’s it Rebels, twas a short and heartfelt blog (Don’t expect this Hallmark moment all the time lol). If you can, go out on social media and make someone’s day and let them know, stranger or friend, you’re thinking of them. It truly is an amazing feeling when someone surprises you like that and I’m glad we still live in a world where “Happy Mail” exists because it means not all of humanity is completely gone!

Don’t forget!

  • Skincare Basics: Tools is tomorrow (3.30 @ 8pm est)
  • Treat YOSELF Mask Monday: Do we love this or is it creeping everyone out? Honestly hope it creeps you out because that’s just funny to me lol
  • FIND ME on all of my social media HERE! I do my very best at keeping you all up to date on the latest, greatest and sometimes ridiculous beauty product releases!
  • Interested in trying Jouer Cosmetics? Affiliation link HERE or you can add my code when you’re ordering: @REBELBEAUTYCOURTNEY for 15% off!

Stay classy & make good decisions!


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