Month: April 2022

For Arts Sake Cosmetics – Stellar & Friends!

Hello Rebels! How’s your life going? I hope well! It’s been a weird couple of weeks but here I am! I’ve been so excited to talk to you about this makeup company, For Arts Sake Cosmetics. On the home page it reads: ART INSPIRED MAKEUP THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE – We donate a portion of […]


My Favorite Selfcare Moments!

Hey Rebels! It’s already been a week. Sometimes there will be weeks like this and this too shall pass! One thing I haven’t been doing are my nails. I’ve been doing “press on” nails since 2018 and i’ve been saving money since! Prices range from $5 all the way up to $50 (Etsy – these […]


My Eyeshadow Palette’s

Hello! How’s your week been so far? Good I hope! I know this was an old trend but I’ve actually never did it until now. So lets pretend it’s new and hold your judgy comments for someone who cares, shall we? K thanks! Of course you know I love color BUT I also have a […]