Random Product Tuesday: Part 4!

Oh hey Rebels! Fancy meeting you here. Welcome, as always! I tend to buy products randomly when I see them in a store like TJ MAXX, Burlington, $1.25 Store, etc. I don’t really have a plan and they end up in a bin that I pull from every time I sit down to do makeup (I try to use these products a few times before they end up on here). That’s how Random Product Tuesday’s are made! If I can find pricing close to what I paid, I will list them, unless they aren’t being produced anymore. Well, lets leave our beauty standards at the door and get to it…

  • Profusion Cosmetics Love You So Brunch Palette: This was honestly my first go around with Profusion! I’m 100% happy with this palette! It honestly performed so incredibly well (I did use an eyeshadow primer) and I would definitely suggest this palette if you’re in the market for a rainbow color story but you don’t want to spend tons of money on it. I did pick this up at Burlington for $6. The only con to this palette was the chunky glitter. Use a glitter glue so it pulls everything off your finger or brush. It wasn’t the easiest glitter to work with and didn’t respond well to “patting” the product down. Other then that, easy to work with and had 0 issues with it!
  • Susikeki Sunset Florist Highlighter Palette $11.99: Beautiful, worth it! Go NOW, snatch this betch up! I was SO surprised. It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL just sitting in this palette. HEAR ME RIGHT NOW, you need to use a WET brush to build up more opacity! If you want the “barely there” look, a dry brush will do just fine but I’d just go in lightly with a wet brush (spray with setting spray). Just go and get it. Thank me later!
  • FLOWER BEAUTY Lighten Up Brightening Concealer: 0 coverage and brightening? Eh. I’ve been very much enjoying lighter products that don’t build up as heavy and this just disappeared. One thing I don’t want in my life is a product that’s used to hide things, just goes on then magically disappears. Why though lol (maybe that’s why it was in the dollar.25 Store)? You’ve been warned.
  • SHEIN SheGlam Cosmic Crystal Mouse Blush in Bellini $4.49: This was OK. Nothing amazing but it isn’t going to stop me from trying other products in the SheGlam line. My biggest issue is it’s a coral shade and the picture they show is almost a bubblegum pink. I can wear the coral though so I wasn’t too mad. I know how people feel about Shein, I do not share the same feelings. If that troubles you, please feel free to move on. It’s free and I don’t need your opinion on that matter. K thanks, byeeEeeeeeeeee!
  • LA Colors Marshmellow Eye Pencil in Soft Yellow (not the same but close $2.49): I love a good and bright yellow in my bottom waterline! I do tend to do a lot of “sunset” looks and “gold” looks as well and I have a few yellow liners. This did really well and hung out for a minute. Super smooth too (Swatch in picture below)!
  • Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Poet $8.39: I’ve touched on these SO many times but this has to be the most perfect “neutral” pink and it’s a bit softer of a matte then most. It can take a moment to wear down. I had to break out the micellar water to remove the swatch above and it was only on my skin for 5 min! It hangs around longer then most expensive ass lipsticks do!
  • Lime Crime Wet Cherry Sweet Mattes: Bought this at TJ Maxx…maybe $5? It’s still being sold on their site for $28 LOL. Napes on those grapes! BUT I’m going to give it another go because I think I can make it work. It’s patchy, kind of chalky and I have a plan for it. I believe they were sent to TJ Maxx because the pans aren’t sitting flush in the palette and I’m not surprised this happens. 100% not worth $28 so please don’t even waste that kind of money on 5 pans that are all matte and no dimension!
  • BH Illuminating in Ireland Highlighter Palette: I’m SO sad BH went bankrupt but they’re being bought by another brand and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing lol. Maybe I’ll “circle back” when it actually happens. None of the pricing was inline for this. It was $5.99 at TJ Maxx and I’m not seeing it anywhere for less then $13. Worth it yes, but it’s not $5.99! BEAUTIFUL! I will use all of these colors (shadow, bronzer, blush topper, etc.). This is going to replace the Bali one I had like this. Bali is a few years old so retirement is eminent!
  • Lacura Snapshot Ready Redness Reducing Primer: I found this at Aldi! It’s ok. It didn’t really do anything special. It’s an ok primer but it wasn’t life changing. It doesn’t look to be available here or in the UK. I’m pretty sure this was $6 so I’m not mad at it. I’ll still use it for an everyday look but I know it’s not really going to be magic. You win some, you lose some! I will definitely check out more products from the line when I see them because I LOVE Aldi!
  • Believe Beauty Skin Finish Tinted Moisturizer $1.25: This was interesting to try. I’ve never seen this brand and it didn’t blow mind which is totally fine. I’m going to try it a few more times with some different skincare and primer choices. I didn’t love the finish but if you’re new in the makeup world this might be a good start and for $1.25 that’s a great price to start at!

That’s it! Thanks for hanging out with me again! Don’t forget:

  • Skincare Basics: Facial Rollers is tomorrow (4.6 @ 8pm Est.)!
  • Treat YOSELF Mask Monday: Do we love this or is it creeping everyone out? Honestly hope it creeps you out because that’s just funny to me!
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Stay classy & make good decisions!



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