My Eyeshadow Palette’s

Hello! How’s your week been so far? Good I hope! I know this was an old trend but I’ve actually never did it until now. So lets pretend it’s new and hold your judgy comments for someone who cares, shall we? K thanks! Of course you know I love color BUT I also have a soft spot for the neutral palette’s I grab for constantly! Even if you love color, you should always have a palette or 2 because colorful palette’s don’t always have very good transition colors or any if at all! I won’t go deep into each palette but I will link the blog (if I’ve already done one on it). Let’s leave those pesky beauty standards at the door and get this thing going…

*I LOVE on my palette’s so they are messy and used!*


All Time Favorite: ABH Soft Glam (something happened to the other half of my swatches 🤷🏻‍♀️) – My Eyeshadow Palette’s #TurboTaxAndRelax #ByeByeSundayBlues #fyp #foryoupage #makeup #skincare #beauty #rebelbeautycourtney

♬ D.O.A. – Sleigh Bells

This was my very 1st high end buy. She’s treated me well and I’ve LOVED every look I’ve made with her. I will NEVER throw her away but at some point I will stop using her. Maybe…we’ll see lol. Fairy has seen better days but it’s just SO beautiful…

This was the only one I didn’t do a video on with swatches. I realized this too late but this has really become one of my most favorite palette’s. If I can see myself using way more colors then not and the color story makes sense to me, I’m more then likely going to purchase it. I’m trying to be a little more choosey this year with what I feel I need. I need NONE of it lol want on the other hand….

I remember seeing this coming out and I told myself “I MUST HAVE THIS!” and it still swatches well! It smells like marshmallows and not so much peanut butter like used to. I also remember being so scared of that Jelly color LOL now look at me HA!

  • Underrated – Tati Beauty Vol. 1:

I haven’t spoken about this! So Tati made this absolutely BEAUTIFUL palette with the intention of making more and long story short, Tati Beauty is no more. For me, this was the 1st palette of its kind! Technically there’s only 6 colors in this palette BUT each color has 4 different textures (Matte, Sequin, Metallic & Glitter). There are SO many looks you can do with this palette and I’m DEVASTATED that there won’t be anymore volumes accompanying this one. Also, the black shade (Memory) is the blackest black I’ve EVER had the pleasure of using. With a wet brush this makes the most PERFECT liner! This was the first time I actually pulled off a smoky black eye. A little at a time & less is more when it comes to black shadow…oh and patience! Do your eyes first! Last but not least, this palette made me fall in love with Glitter ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Use your fingers and pat, this glitter goes on your eyes and doesn’t stick to your finger. GENIUS!

  • Not A Favorite But Can’t Get Rid Of – Tarte Tartiest Pro:

Now when I talk about having a neutral palette in your collection, this one is what I mean! There isn’t anything special about this but if you want some options on transition colors, this has all of them! Plus Tarte has a very good sense of quality and blendability. The metallics are also VERY pretty and will bring a neutral look POP! Tarte is a great makeup company to get the perfect neutral palette if you have a few extra bucks (I’d suggest ColourPop if you need to save the coin!). Classic and beautiful!


Do you guys want to see more satifying vids like this? Let me know! Blog drops at 8pm Est TONIGHT ❤️ @Glamlite Cosmetics @Mikayla Nogueira #WomenOwnedBusiness #AEMembersAlways #OscarsAtHome #DeserveADrPepperDuet #fyp #foryoupage #rebelbeautycourtney


Listen, I’ve talked about this palette SO MANY TIMES! Click on the link above and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a million times lol. If you can get this palette, please do!

This was one of the first “underground” companies I tried last year and this was SO worth the price and as crazy as this color story seems to be, I can make a TON of different looks and it all actually goes together. I LOVE this palette SO much. These glitter/metallic colors are out of this world! Their matte lippies are the best I’ve ever tried as well!

  • Didn’t Expect To Love – ColourPop Lemonchello:

I love lemon shit. Plain & simple, I just love everything about lemons. Smell, color, whatever! It took me a minute to actually get this and I’m SO glad I did. I’ve been irritated with the random blue shades they would just throw in and when I finally decided to purchase this, it all made sense. Do I use the blue? No. I’m still struggling with blues lol. That metallic/shimmer green next to the yellow CHEFS KISS! They make every look when I use this palette and I didn’t expect to in the least!

This was my very 1st palette I bought from ColourPop. I had to wait months for this one to go back into stock because it was SO popular and sold out every time. It was well worth the wait! This is where I fell in love with their Super Shock shadows! As you can see, it’s the most used pan and I still believe it’s the best one they have. I can see myself repurchasing this palette if I use this up. I know not everyone loves chunky glitter but the 2 in here are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Featured last week! For the price, this palette blew my mind!

Last but certainly not least, my pink and red palette! This one is a bit different when it comes to the Glamlite quality but it just takes a little love and tenderness to make it work and I’m not mad I have to spend a little more time with my eye looks!

So that’s a small list of eye palette’s I have in my collection! It was fun to look back and remember how personal it can get with each one and the memories that prompted the purchase. Again, that was an old trend but I had fun doing it!

That’s it! Thanks for hanging out with me again! Don’t forget:

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Stay classy & make good decisions!


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