My Favorite Selfcare Moments!

Hey Rebels! It’s already been a week. Sometimes there will be weeks like this and this too shall pass! One thing I haven’t been doing are my nails. I’ve been doing “press on” nails since 2018 and i’ve been saving money since! Prices range from $5 all the way up to $50 (Etsy – these are mostly hand painted). I’m going to go through MY routine when it comes to my nails. It’s honestly been months and I’ve really damaged my nails by biting them. I’m also aware my cuticles have gone to shit. Press on nails have been really the only thing that stops me from biting (I’ve tried EVERYTHING) so lets leave our beauty standards at the door and I’ll show you one of the ways I spend time on myself!

  • What comes in the package? 20-30 nails, tiny nail file, alcohol pad & cuticle pad (some packs come with nail glue). Honestly, I’ve heard people say the nails don’t always fit their nail beds. I’ve had a couple off brands that were a little wonky but never had issues from Kiss Nails or Impressions. These particular nails have adhesive on them already but I use nail glue with them as well. I get a longer hold and I’ve always worn them no longer then a week (I do have to re-glue or replace a couple that lifted but thats no big deal to me). These are a bit healthier to use but you can still get moisture trapped so I do let them breathe a day or so before I re-do them.

Prep work! Very important – Ok I take this seriously because I want them to last longer so it might be a bit much for some but it’s worth it to me!

  • In my kit (metal tin box above) – Brush on glue, glue I get from other nail kits, sticky adhesive pads (I’ll apply them onto nails that only come with glue), extra alcohol pads, small nail files, cuticle sticks & tweezers (larger nail file doesn’t fit). I make sure my kit is always full before I get started – it’s no fun having glue dry on your finger nail and you’re rummaging around for shit.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS! Your hands are gross so just do it! Oily little assholes.
  • If you’re replacing a set, make sure you get as much glue and adhesive off with your nail file or make sure you file the tops of your nails for more of a grip or texture. Does that make sense?
  • Push your cuticles back with the stick if you need to. I don’t do it very often but I needed to do it today!
  • I just started using a nail strengthener before I put nails on. It has helped but I’m not sure how much help it really gives (Kur Get Well Nail Recovery by Londontown). Nothing wrong with a little protection, especially if you’re using nail glue. I do 2 coats.
  • When your nails dry from the protection coats, choose the nails you’ll be using and line them up. If you’re using adhesive, remove the plastic cover and keep them in line so you don’t grab the wrong ones.
  • Swipe your alcohol pad on your nails (to remove any oils you missed from washing your hands). This is a very important step and I’ve purchased a box of alcohol wipes because I tend to touch things during the process and I usually use 2 each time (alcohol pads are normally by the diabetic area in Walmart or you can go the cheaper route and grab a bottle of it. Dealers choice.
  • Here’s where it gets a little tricky. Remember when I told you to push your cuticles back (or don’t)? The reason I do it, is so I can slip the smallest amount of the nail under my cuticle. Nothing that causes pain or anything. This helps make the nail look natural. Normally it would, but seriously the skin around my nails need help and love. I keep forgetting to apply my absolute magical Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream by Burt’s Bees HERE. This stuff is amazing and you’ll notice a difference with even 1 application before you head to bed. Next morning, they will look SO much better!
  • Ok here’s where you’ll absolutely think I’m crazy. Once I’ve placed the nail in the place I need it (remember I do adhesive and glue!), I’ll press down for a minute and a half for my pinky, ring finger & pointer finger and only a minute for my thumb and middle finger. But why you ask? I press down longer on the fingers that the nail lifts more often then not. I hardly lose the middle and thumb nails. Crazy but it works for me. It’s a 13 minute process for me.
  • When I finish with the glue and pressing down, I go back and file the tips and round them out if needed.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT submerge your nails in water for at least an hour or longer. I usually do them before I go to bed so it’s several hours before my hands hit water. This helps the staying power. Use gloves for dishes if you can.
  • REMEMBER! These aren’t the acrylics you get at the nail salon so they aren’t going to be miracle nails! I’ve always carried the pack of nails and some glue when I go out for long periods of time or if I feel a nail lifting.
  • There’s SO many kids out there now that are $10 or under. I’ll be perfectly fine paying $40 a month (don’t forget you have nails left over so you really save more).
Cuticles are TRASH lol

Now what do I do with the extra nails? I keep them and go through them every so often and make my own nail sets with them combined (I separate them by nail style: Coffin, stilleto, square, short, etc.). Is “press on” nails kind of time consuming? 30 min a week really. Just like the Treat YOSELF Mask Mondays, YOU DESERVE TIME FOR YOSELF! It’s called selfcare for a reason and if you think you have 0 time, you’ve got people in your life that doesn’t respect your time or you 100% need to be kinder to YOSELF! You know those are FACTS! I adore all of you and I want you happy and treating yourself like you matter! You matter. Everyday! Thanks for going on the crazy adventure with me! Now you know my secrets!

That’s it! Thanks for hanging out with me again! Don’t forget:

  • Skincare Basics: Red Light Therapy is tomorrow (4.20 @ 8pm Est.)!
  • Treat YOSELF Mask Monday: Do we love this or is it creeping everyone out? Honestly hope it creeps you out because that’s just funny to me!
  • FIND ME on all of my social media HERE! I do my very best at keeping you all up to date on the latest, greatest and sometimes ridiculous beauty product releases!
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Stay classy & make good decisions!


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