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Hello Rebels! How’s your life going? I hope well! It’s been a weird couple of weeks but here I am! I’ve been so excited to talk to you about this makeup company, For Arts Sake Cosmetics. On the home page it reads:

ART INSPIRED MAKEUP THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE – We donate a portion of every purchase to art related non-profits

When I first found this company, that very quote had me interested and I needed to know more. With the ever evolving saturation of makeup companies, I’m tending to lean more towards companies that are giving back or they’re doing something corporations have never thought of or just haven’t done (this year I’m trying to purchase wisely, I mean I’m TRYING!). They have taken works of art and made them into eyeshadow palettes. Not only that, but they’ve taken music icons and turned them into palettes as well. Their newest palette was dedicated to Queen, please check that out HERE. “But Courtney, what else do they sell?” – Eyeliners, single eyeshadow pans, mascara, lippies, makeup brushes & even nail wraps! Let’s just go ahead and saddle up, leave our beauty standards at the door & jump in!

Ok, before I get into the palette, I want to address 2 things! 1 – so you’re wondering what the hell is the diamond painting doing in the background, right? No? Whatever I’m gonna tell you – so that was my 1st diamond painting I had ever done and it was part of the “Starry Night” collection and this is “Starry Night Over the Rhone.” I’m actually starting the actual “Starry Night” painting now (welcome to my “other” hobbies lol). Also! I found 0 eyeshadow names and you know what that means? THAT’S RIGHT! I make my own shadow names!!! I kept the names exclusively and respectfully around the history of Starry Night and I hope For Arts Sake isn’t disappointed in the names I gave them. Ok the end, lets talk about these products!

  • Stellar Eyeshadow Palette $28: “Courtney, I thought blue makes you uncomfortable?!” – Yeah, It 100% does! But how does one get over that? Well, you put yourself in uncomfortable situations and you navigate around it until you figure it out. These colors are ALL very beautiful. I will mention a couple of things though that not all people will love about this palette (I do but I know everyone’s different!). 1st – There are 3 chunky glitter pans. Again, I love glitter! But I know it makes some people nervous and a lot would rather do without. Remember, if you’re weary of using it near your eyes, you can always use it on your lips or as highlighter (fun dramatic looks) for photos because I love using chunky glitter for just that! Remember: Makeup is what YOU make it so please have fun! Because glitter is FUN!!! 2nd – There are no matte shades. These are glitter, sequin and shimmery/metallic textures. Two weeks ago, I made a very important point of keeping “boring” matte palette’s for reasons just like this! I’m a “transition” person so I need the matte shades but I wouldn’t stop myself from buying a palette that doesn’t have them. This specific piece of art (Starry Night) has always been my absolute favorite out of all of the art I love. I just adore the concept this company runs with and it’s just so damn exciting to see this type of innovation and an actual purpose and meaning behind every palette. It makes me 100% want to master blues and blacks until I’m a professional MUA with these colors and I will! One last thing, the pan I named “Asylum” is not an opaque black, it’s a very dark grey with very little shimmer (I call that sequin). You might be able to build it up, but, I had no need to and “Nocturnal” is the chunky black glitter. I love this palette and I can see myself playing around with this until I master it! Please, please, please take a look at all of their palettes, I promise you’ll find one you’ll love HERE!
The swatch is above and under the eyeshadow swatches!
  • Symbol Chrome Eyeshadow Single $14: This is absolutely gorgeous. Hands down my absolute favorite single shadow (YES it beats out the super shocks from Colourpop #sorrynotsorry). I tried so hard to show the chrome shift in the pictures but it’s so damn hard lol. It’s a beautiful “copper” and goes from almost a gold to a shifted copper. I’m not big on single shadows (price reasons) normally but I will definitely purchase more because these pans WORK for a living. I also really love the packaging on these as well! How simple it is and the shape (I’m weird lol). These are worth the $14 personally. I’ll tell you, sometimes I don’t always wash my makeup off after a long night (yep I’m human guys! Don’t be like me though, wash YO face before you go to bed!) and when I woke up that copper was still hanging out! That’s good shit right there!!!
Again, this is the last swatch on my arm in the eyeshadow section of swatches!
  • Green/Yellow Multi-Chrome Eyeliner $14: This is really beautiful and I honestly am having so much fun playing with this! You can see the shift immediately, but I wish it was a little bit more opaque when I put it in my lower waterline. I’ll keep working with it though! It’s very sturdy and hasn’t even broke on me (creamy liners tend to break easily). Glides wonderfully and with so much ease. There’s 3 other colors and lots of liquid liners as well HERE.

That’s all the products I’ve purchased from the company so far and I want to also add the charity side of their company because it’s spoken about all on their website and social media. Before I misquote (it happens lol) I’ll go ahead and link how they help HERE. They chose a new charity every quarter and ask non profits to reach out if they’d like to be considered in the future because they’re there to help. Not all companies do this and it’s very beautiful to read about the charities they help. I appreciate how they tie it into the products the put out.

Whether your non-profit donates instruments to low income families, runs art classes, gives dance lessons, puts on benefit concerts, or really anything art related, we are here to help. Please reach out and send an email to 

I feel like music and art get pushed to the side when funding is needed and I’m happy to have made a purchase, knowing it’s helping a charity out like this. Even if it’s a little bit! It all helps and I hope this makeup company gains so much popularity and helps so many music and art charities out in the long run! Please go read up on the current charity of the quarter and get in touch with them if you know of any that they can help!

Now, with all of that being said I have to include my very last story on to this blog. USPS (United States Postal Service) needs to get better at how they handle packages. If you order makeup online, you know its a damn game of roulette every single damn time! Well they managed to break the damn mirror but the eyeshadow pans were in perfect condition. I did let For Arts Sake know and they did offer to send me a new palette but I declined. It’s a mirror I never use and I can remove it so no big deal. I appreciated them asking and that’s great customer service! Also, on IG they’ve been so gracious in sharing my content on their stories when I share their new products on mine.

Thank you, For Arts Sake Cosmetics for being different and helping where you can in this crazy world we live in. You guys are truly a class act and I hope you gain the positive exposure to grow beyond your wildest dreams!

Ok. This one was a little long but I had so much fun playing with makeup from a company I hadn’t purchased from before. It can be scary but I actually had a feeling I wasn’t going to be let down and I wasn’t. Again, if you can please keep this company in mind when you have a few extra bucks and want to purchase something different. I promise you won’t be let down!

That’s it! Thanks for hanging out with me again! Don’t forget:

  • Skincare Basics: Silicone Facial Tools is tomorrow (4.20 @ 8pm Est.)!
  • Treat YOSELF Mask Monday: Ok we love it and it’s here to stay. This is just a reminder if you missed treating YOSELF for 15 min, there’s still time and you MATTER! Please be nicer to yourself! GO! Stop reading this and pamper yourself in any way!
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  • Interested in trying Jouer Cosmetics? Affiliation link HERE or you can add my code when you’re ordering: @REBELBEAUTYCOURTNEY for 15% off!

Stay classy & make good decisions!



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