Makeup Starter Pack for the Unsure & Weary!

Hello fellow Rebels! Hope the week has treated you well! So you’re new to make up and you have no idea where to start or where to even begin? I got you fam! I have a list of very easy products to work with and maybe a couple of tips and tricks to go along with it. I’ve spoken about most of these products last year or this year so you’ll see some familiar ones. Enough talk! Leave your beauty standards at the door and let’s get to it!

Let’s start with the most important thing before makeup – Please invest in skincare that works for you! I have a million and 1 ways to do just that in my Skincare Basics weekly posts. You can find ALL of them HERE on my Pinterest! To have a beautiful canvas to work with, you MUST find skincare that matches what your skin needs. There’s so much helpful information out there if you’re unsure. Most skincare companies have “Quiz’s” to help you figure it out as well, so please take care of your skin before makeup application!

K carry on…

  • Physicians Formula All Star Face Palette $10.47: I love this face palette & it’s key you use a little at a time and build up. This is very travel friendly and it’s your bronzer, highlight, blush & face powder! The only slightly “irritating” thing for me is the OVER SPRAY (cosmetic companies spray a “glitter” layer that can be removed by one swipe. It’s deceiving as Hell if it’s done to half the palette but here it’s only done once) on the Mineral Glow Pearls. Physicians Formula should be above that BUT there’s still a shimmer under that weird glitter mess and I like it better past the over spray anyways. Besides the Matte bronzer, everything else has a shimmer so AGAIN, use this sparingly and a little at a time. Less is more here guys!
  • Wet N Wild Barefocus Tinted Hydrator $4.35: “I’ve never even wore foundation before and I don’t know where to start!?” – Best bet? Grab a tinted foundation! This one is actually really nice and has a decent coverage but your natural skin still shows through. I have some redness in my cheeks and on my nose and this doesn’t completely cover it but it definitely calms it down. If you’ve used a tinted foundation and you want a little bit more coverage, try out a BB Cream (more for oily or acne prone skin) or a CC Cream (color correction). After that, there’s light to medium coverage and so on. Let your skin adapt to what it likes! Full coverage foundations are hard to layer on unless, you’re doing a photo shoot (looks great in photos or on video but its very cakey in person) and it’s ok to start with even a tinted moisturizer. Promise!
  • ELF Poreless Putty Primer $8.50: I feel like I’ve talked about this so much. It deserves awards for what it does and at the price point it’s at. I haven’t always been an ELF fan but this primer has changed my mind and I’m starting to try more products. Oily? Don’t worry they have you covered with their matte version. Dry AF? Try the Luminous version. They also have “special” poreless ones that smell like Cookies N Cream & from the Dunkin Donuts line, donut smell? If you’re into that? Whatever you’re into, the original smells like nothing so everyone’s covered!
  • Wet N Wild Barefocus Clarifying Finishing Powder in Translucent $3.18: I know the Physicians Formula has a powder, but that has a light tint of color and this one doesn’t. Pressed powder allows you to control the amount of powder you use (especially you dry AF betches out there who need less powder!) and with the loosey goosey powder it’s just too damn hard to control that so loose powder is FIRED in my opinion. I love this powder, personally and for the price, go try it! TIP: Use powder under your eyes minimally since it’s probably the driest place on your face.
  • ELF Hydrating Camo Concealer Satin Finish in Light Ivory $6: This one really surprised me. I tried the 16 hr camo concealer and I hated it! It covered 0 things and it was just dumb but, this? This is an absolute winner to me. When you’re starting out with makeup, less is more right? Yes! Concealer is to be used in your trouble areas to conceal the parts that need a little more coverage. TIP: Skip foundation around your eyes and use a little concealer there instead. This is for a more “natural” look and it looks better when that area isn’t layered up. This one is also “a little goes a long way” so less is more!

  • ColourPop Going Coconuts $14: “Wow you actually use neutral colors? How bizarre!” Uh huh. As you can see, I’ve used this one quite a bit too. This is my favorite neutral palette that actually didn’t make that list a couple weeks ago. This is cool toned and might not work for every one BUT if you need something with a “warm” tone, check out California Love $18 (I haven’t used this one but that’s because I have all of those colors lol). I tend to go for more cool toned makeup but being a neutral tone I can do both warn and cool toned. To be honest, when this 1st came out I was like “omg ANOTHER neutral palette?!?!?” but, I looked at the entire color story and thought, this is a very flattering neutral palette! It has been sold out SO many times and took months for me to finally get it. This is also one of their palettes that doesn’t have any chunky glitter, which a lot of people love. I honestly don’t care because I don’t jam glitter in my eye hole, so whatever.
  • ELF Shape & Stay Wax Pencil in Clear $3: “BUT Courtney, there’s no color?!” Correct. This wax is designed to lay those pesky wild eyebrow hairs down that can’t be controlled! It also gives you an idea of “shaping” and this does a damn good job, quickly. If you want to start working with your eyebrows but you’re scared of how obvious it can get, start with this wax and a little eye shadow from the palette above (or try any other “brown” palette). Remember to use matte shadows or you’ll have shiny and glistening eyebrows (do it I don’t care but that’s what’s gonna happen so you do you BOO!). The shadow will stick to the wax and of course AGAIN, less is more. That’s how I started out. TIP: Don’t know where to start with shaping your brows? Grab an eyeliner pencil (any liner will work you just need to see what you’ve drawn) and draw out the eyebrow you want (lots of eyebrow kits come with stencils to help!) and pluck around it. It does take awhile if you have “bare” spots inside inside your drawing. Just keep patient. Eyebrows are still a learning process even for me so be patient with YOURSELF!
  • Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect $4.99: This is my top cheap mascara go-to! It layers well and I hardly have fall out. My only suggestion is to have a bit of patience with layering. I wouldn’t do more then 3 layers. Like any mascara, it can clump up! But, for $5 this mascara has done better things for my lashes then a $30 mascara has and it’s a perfect starter mascara. Another great choice is a brown mascara if you have lighter lashes so it isn’t as WOW for you in the beginning. The “WOW” factor caused me to stay away from a lot of makeup so it’s quite alright to start out as natural as possible and build up from there!

So on my spell check journey, I realized I didn’t list a setting spray LOL claaassic Courtney! Try ELF Stay All Night Micro-Fine Setting Mist $8It’s amazing for the price! TIP: Spray it on your face BEFORE your mascara application. Once dry, apply your mascara!

  • LA Colors Nude Glam Colors in Pinky Swear $1.25: I got this from the “$1.25” Store so it may not be available to you but you can still check. It smells like cotton candy or marshmallow and I like when lip products have that “sweet” smell. Creamy lipsticks have no staying power so you will have to apply repeatedly after you drink, eat, and whatever else you do with your mouth (don’t be dirty lol). If you’re not sure what your shade might be, grab some cheap ones and swatch. If you purchase cosmetics from Walmart and you don’t like them, you can 100% return opened cosmetics. I’m also not sure if all places like Sephora and Ulta are back to doing swatches in store, that could also be a choice if they are. I would always include nude colors for lipsticks for a beginner. It gives you the chance to have a complete “neutral” look or it gives you the chance to have a wild eye shadow look when you’re ready. IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING! Then you can figure out the texture you prefer as well, be it matte, creamy or just a gloss (continue below).
  • LA Girl Holographic Gloss Topper in Starlight $4.99: This was a fun purchase for me and it makes a beautiful shiny topper for your lipstick. It’s not too sticky but, it’s still a gloss so there’s a sticky element to it. I don’t really love glosses per say, but I have them when I need something quick. It’s a comfortable gloss with a little glitter “kick.” Beautiful on it’s own and the price isn’t bad at all!

That’s it my darling Rebels! Don’t be afraid if you really want to try makeup out. I have a creative gene in me that really pushed me to dive into this strange world and I don’t regret any of it! With the world the way it is now, we need to find better outlets to express ourselves in a much healthier way. I hope you guys found this helpful & informative. If not, well then, bye Felicia!

That’s it! Thanks for hanging out with me again! Don’t forget:

  • Skincare Basics: Facial Steamers is tomorrow (5.4 @ 8pm Est.)!
  • Treat YOSELF Mask Monday: Ok we love it and it’s here to stay! This is just a reminder if you missed treating YOSELF for 15 min, there’s still time and you MATTER! Please be nicer to yourself! GO! Stop reading this and pamper yourself in any way!
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Stay classy & make good decisions!


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