Why Is Self Care So Important?

Hey Rebels! How’s this week treating you? Good I hope! I’ve been advocating for self care quite a bit and I think it’s time for me to tell you all why this is SO important. There’s a lot of people walking around thinking this isn’t something they need (to include men) and I’m here to tell you EVERYONE needs to make time in their life (15-20 min A WEEK at minimum). Self care goes hand in hand with your mental health and we all know that our mental health is incredibly important. “But Courtney I don’t have the time and my life if is too busy!” …It’s time to stop sabotaging your mental health and to start allowing yourself a pause in this crazy insane world we live in! Leave your beauty standards at the door and let’s go on a self care journey!

* FYI I’m not a doctor, therapist or a psychologist! These are my opinions and my own experiences. I’m merely here to push you in the most positive direction possible because self care is very important to me and my mental health *

  • Why do we need to take a time out? Have you ever felt like if another terrible thing happens to disturb your life, you’ll scream? I know I have. A LOT OF TIMES! I have also screamed because things just kept happening. Come to find out, I was just pushing forward and not really taking the time to pause and mentally be easier on myself. This is years and years of doing this by the way! When I was younger, my mother and I would do face masks once a week. It kind of became “our thing” and we’d watch scary movies or she’d force me to watch her soap operas (at one point I knew exactly what was going on, on General Hospital lol) with her. Between then and a couple of years ago I stopped taking that time because I felt I didn’t have the time for myself and/or I didn’t deserve it. Honestly, I have been so awful to myself inside my head for a very long time. Once I started really working on my skincare routine, I started understanding how it went hand in hand with self care/mental health. We all deserve a break for 20 min max a week. The time is there but we just need to tell ourselves “I am WORTH more then I give myself credit for and I NEED this time to decompress and recharge!” Go on, you can say it because it’s 100% TRUE!
  • “I have small children, where do I find the time?” I hear this the most and I hear you! Small children need lots of attention and they steal your time (I said steal…no REGERTS), and the possible answer to that is to get them involved and do self care with them. Make it a fun bonding time (boys and girls can do it!) possibly giving them a healthy understanding of skincare (this is only an example – I list more down below) as they grow up & how important it can be for the mind to take a break. Go to the store and let them pick out a mask (Children have some sensitive skin so patch test 1st PLEASE or look at the ingredients to make sure they aren’t allergic to anything). Kids LOVE being involved and are always excited to do what parents are doing like they’re “grown up.” I know we don’t want them to grow up but this bonding moment is so special and SO needed for them. I’m not saying this has to be an all day thing at all! 15-20min. Maybe you can just talk about the week with what happened at school and sometimes it can just be an eyes closed “quiet time” moment and then wash it off or pat in the serum (whatever the directions say on the mask). If you’re more of a “creative” person, drawing or coloring could also work. As long as your mind takes a rest, that’s all that matters. We need a reboot so unplug yourself for 15-20 min and plug yourself back in.
  • “I work a million hours, I have no time!” Yes. You. Do. 15-20 min a week. The time is there. Do you have time to take a shower, or go to the bathroom? Exactly. There’s time. If someone calls you during that time, they can wait 15 min for a call back. If it’s a life or death? Then yeah your time will be cut short but is every call life or death (doctors I already know your answer so hush lol)? For instance, you work in an office as an administrator. Is every call life or death? If you said yes, please revaluate why you think that. Seriously! Why has your brain decided you must pick up every call? We’ve all got to give a little back to ourselves or we’ll be checking into the “grippy sock spa” because we’ve given our entire life and mental health a heave HO into the dumpster. The time exists but you don’t think it’s important or that you’re not worth it. You are! You are the most important person in your life. That isn’t selfish, you literally need yourself in top condition to work, take care of others and what not. STOP SELLING YOURSELF SHORT!!!
  • Find the “self care” that makes you happy! There’s so many different things you can do and my “Treat YOSELF Monday Masks” are where I find my happiness (and it doesn’t have to be yours I just used it as an example above). Yours could be reading a book, writing in a journal just to get what’s in your head on paper or partaking in hobby that just takes your mind to a place quiet and calm. Do you paint, color or draw? Get back to it! Find a place that puts you in a calmer state. Meditation isn’t for everyone but if you love it, get back to it! The world is literally going into the Twilight Zone and most things aren’t making sense. People are pushed to the edge and we need to give ourselves a fucking break!
  • If you’re struggling and you need a stranger to sit and listen, PLEASE never hesitate to reach out to me. To all my friends and family you know where I am if you need me!

This was a very impromptu blog but I felt someone needed this. I think we all just go in and out of our days, weeks and the months just fly away from us. We don’t know where the time goes because we feel we can’t stop and take a moment to breathe. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Tuesday!

That’s it! Thanks for hanging out with me again! Don’t forget:

  • Skincare Basics: Myth Vs Facts (6.1 8pm Est.)!
  • Treat YOSELF Mask Monday: Ok we love it and it’s here to stay! This is just a reminder if you missed treating YOSELF for 15 min, there’s still time and you MATTER! Please be nicer to yourself! GO! Stop reading this and pamper yourself in any way!
  • FIND ME on all of my social media HERE! I do my very best at keeping you all up to date on the latest, greatest and sometimes ridiculous beauty product releases!
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Stay classy & make good decisions!


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