Wet N Wild – Care bears Caring Counts Palette & Sponge Set!

Press on nails not pictured but I got both the pink and purple set. I have not used either!

Rebels! Frands! How the hell are you? We have a short one today. Care Bears! I saw this whole PR set and really sat down with myself and asked, “Do you really need the set for $85?” The answer was no especially since I wasn’t a huge fan when I figured out it wasn’t going to be the whole set and that they were selling the best parts separately. I saw quite a few people posting about the release and it seemed as though Wet N Wild wasn’t very clear on the information they were releasing. Not only that, I saw a lot of complaints on social media about release dates and the stores not carrying the product on the date released. With that all being said, I’ve grown a bit irritated with all of that coming from Wet N Wild (because this isn’t the 1st time). I do understand there’s still a lot of shipping issues due to what’s happened in the last couple of years, HOWEVER, I urge the beauty companies to be a bit more forward with shipping and releasing information because it gets old. FAST! If there’s issues, ANNOUNCE THE DELAYS! Anyways, lets go ahead and leave our beauty standards at the door and jump into the magic world of Care Bears!

I thought I had all of the sponges cleaned but the green one clearly isn’t lol

  • Care Package Sponges (shipping from Walmart is available for $14.98 & I purchased them on Amazon for $18): Wet N Wild makes good sponges. To be honest, lots of companies make good sponges at decent prices. I’m not mad or upset I purchased these but I didn’t need them. They came out around $3.60 for each sponge and they have the Care Bears “belly” print on them. Can we talk about the random shaped 2 that came in this set? The snowman like ones – who uses those and what do you use them for? I’m curious because they always seem awkward to me. I like the regular pointed one to get into the nose crevices, corner of the eye and etc. I don’t know, let me know though! Grab these if you need to throw away some old sponges because at $3.20 a piece is a great price and the colors are at least pretty (if that matters to you). I still prefer the Juno microfiber sponges but again, these do the job.
  • Caring Counts Eyeshadow Palette ($14.98 on Amazon): I’m going to be taking a break from palette’s from Wet N Wild. The absolute inconsistency is mind boggling to me. These colors are SO fun and inviting but I just can’t wrap my brain around why a handful of these color are just absolute trash #sorrynotsorry lol Consistency is key with me, personally. I tried the teal shadow and it just wouldn’t build so I wet my brush. Apparently, that coats the pan with the hard “crust” and once it dries, you can’t pull the dry powder on a brush. You’ll have to scrape the top layer off. This happens constantly with packed face powder compacts. I believe it’s due to your own oils causing that “crusty” layer once it dries. Not a huge deal but still annoying as shit & you lose product – not much but still!

You’re probably saying, “but that still looks good!” I appreciate your beautiful words BUT, this took far too long to get to. I’ve never trusted the process, untrusted, trusted, untrusted and then came to this look lol I had to pull from other palettes and blend other colors because once that teal went down, it wouldn’t move and the harsh lines were killing me. Let me tell you, that lime green in the inner corner was :chefs kiss: and I could finally move on from the look. I usually have great things to say about the shimmers, but, they were packed so hard and it wasn’t a great pay off. I will say my favorite pan is the white, blue and purple pan that’s marbled. It wasn’t life changing but I like the direction that it’s going and I hope they continue to make it better in the future. Now let’s talk about the worst part (yep there’s more!), tie for things that make me throw palette’s away is when you’re building an eye look and layering removes the bottom layer. Not. Ok. EVER. Honestly, I couldn’t even name this palette like I usually would because (SHOCKER) they couldn’t even put that much effort into it and do it themselves. Glitters? Crumbly and not easy to pack on or smear so good luck. GAAAH!

Wet N Wild, I really need you to be better at life because that’s bottom of the barrel type shit you produced. Ya’ll know better and then charge $15 when I can get a $5 palette that won’t do that. It’s pretty shameful and we need to break up. I have faith you’ll produce what you’re capable of because your highlighters and setting spray are pretty great. I’ll see you on the other side…

Yes. I was harsh. Very harsh. I have supported this company in this blog and with my bank account. I’m not happy with this entire release and I expected more. I’m so happy I didn’t fall for the PR Box and if you did and you love it, WONDERFUL for you!!! All of our skin is different and I could just not have the eye lids they normally test on. I also want you to know I used my normal eye shadow primer that I never have issues with so this is why I’m so confused with this one. Did I wake up and choose violence? Maybe. Well…yes maybe. OK YES! But it was warranted lol

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