Courtney McNeal

I often stay up late, I love all things makeup & skin care, I believe beer should be one of the food groups, We don't deserve dogs, I smell everything before I eat it, music is life, I find it hard to follow recipe directions, sometimes I get out of hand with glitter, I have a cheese drawer in my fridge and I like spooky shit. Bats. I freakin love bats.

Poison Ivy by Milan Rowe Makeup & Doodles By The Bunny

Hello Rebels! How’s everyone doing? Great. Moving on…sooo if you remember this was a palette I had mentioned in my holiday guide a couple weeks ago. I’m always interested in brands I’ve never tried before or even heard of. I’ll do a check in of reviews with the other products they sell to just get […]


Holiday Makeup Guide 2021

Hello my rebels! We’re getting closer to the holiday season and you know what that means, holiday sales and new makeup releases! There’s quite a few so I chose the top 10 ones that looked fun and worth a shot. I read lots of reviews and all of them were pretty much still available now […]