Courtney McNeal

I often stay up late, I love all things makeup & skin care, I believe beer should be one of the food groups, We don't deserve dogs, I smell everything before I eat it, music is life, I find it hard to follow recipe directions, sometimes I get out of hand with glitter, I have a cheese drawer in my fridge and I like spooky shit. Bats. I freakin love bats.

Boxy Charm Pop up Purchases!

Heyyyyy my little Rebel’s, happy spooky season! My house is Halloween all year round but I’ll still celebrate the time of year that people actually recognize it and you see it everywhere. It’s still hot as hell and that won’t really change until November, so I’ll just enjoy a pumpkin spice latte on ice! On […]


Spongebob x wet n wild pr box

OOOOOOOOOOOOH WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA??? Ok that’s enough of that. Hello my little Rebels! Welcome back to whatever this is. This PR box was purchased out of pure nostalgia and lets face it, this was not a normal PR box that Wet N Wild puts out. What do I mean? Well […]