Courtney McNeal

I often stay up late, I love all things makeup & skin care, I believe beer should be one of the food groups, We don't deserve dogs, I smell everything before I eat it, music is life, I find it hard to follow recipe directions, sometimes I get out of hand with glitter, I have a cheese drawer in my fridge and I like spooky shit. Bats. I freakin love bats.

Smash or Pass: The Good and Let’s Be Honest, It’s All Pretty bad (part 1)

So I have this basket that I add to every so often of the good and bad. Honestly, I think these are going to be mostly bad or meh. I want to preface this with a side note as well – I don’t hate the brands I’m about to show you, I just dislike a […]


BoxyCharm April 2021

So as I’m sitting here waiting so patiently to hear the scuffle of a package at my front door, I’ll introduce you to the 1 makeup/beauty subscription box I keep mentioning, BoxyCharm. Currently I’m subscribed to the Base Box (monthly) & Boxy Luxe (Quarterly in place of my base box – March, June, Sept & […]


My go – to look

Everyone has a look they’ve gotten comfortable with. Ya know, that look you’ve done 1 million times? You know the products you use work together and aren’t going to give you any issues. done and done right? Well congrats! You’ve walked across my go to look. Enjoy! Who does this bitch think she is… Haters. […]