“Summer” Vitamin Routine: Part 2!

Hey Rebels! Don’t think I forgot the 2nd part I promised! So before I get into it: *I AM NOT A DOCTOR so please see your doctor before starting any new vitamins and ALWAYS read the labels before consumption* This one is a little different for me to blog about and as stated above, I […]


Why Is Self Care So Important?

Hey Rebels! How’s this week treating you? Good I hope! I’ve been advocating for self care quite a bit and I think it’s time for me to tell you all why this is SO important. There’s a lot of people walking around thinking this isn’t something they need (to include men) and I’m here to […]


My Favorite Selfcare Moments!

Hey Rebels! It’s already been a week. Sometimes there will be weeks like this and this too shall pass! One thing I haven’t been doing are my nails. I’ve been doing “press on” nails since 2018 and i’ve been saving money since! Prices range from $5 all the way up to $50 (Etsy – these […]