ColourPop x The Power Puff Girls Featuring Morticia F. Whorenado!

Hello Rebels! Hope your week is going well! I thought I’d change it up a bit and try out my swatches on Miss. Morticia here instead of doing them on my arm. Please let me know if you’d prefer to have the arm swatches included as well. I absolutely adore this palette. It’s super colorful […]


Random Product Tuesday: Part 5!

Hello Rebels! How are ya now? I’m good! I’ve taken some time to test out some makeup that has possibly been overlooked. Some of them should absolutely be overlooked, but most of these shouldn’t be and nor should the brands. I will do my very best to link each product so you can check these […]


My Eyeshadow Palette’s

Hello! How’s your week been so far? Good I hope! I know this was an old trend but I’ve actually never did it until now. So lets pretend it’s new and hold your judgy comments for someone who cares, shall we? K thanks! Of course you know I love color BUT I also have a […]