Happy Valentine’s ColourPop Rose’ Collection

Happy February 1st Rebels!!! It’s that time again, your favorite ‘Hallmark’ holiday filled with love, desperation & over spending! Just kidding (but also not), this is actually my 3rd favorite holiday and I thank my amazing husband for being the first person to treat me like I matter to him (he does this 365 days a year too!). We’ve shared some amazing Valentine’s Days for 16 years, I wouldn’t change a single one of them. So without further ado, let’s leave our beauty standards at the door and dive into the collection I chose to to be apart of my Valentine’s month celebration…

  • By The Rose’ Shadow Palette $14: I love me some pinks, peachy and wine colors. I know I need to stop purchasing the same colors but I just love them. They make me happy, what can I say? As always, they blend well and they’re pigmented. Picnic Basket was very light and a little chalky but it still makes a beautiful transition color or to lighten up those bottom colors if needed. My issues are: These colors are VERY close to each shade and there isn’t a huge transition, This makes it hard to have multiple eye looks when that happens. Over Ice & Cheers babe are so identical I can’t tell the difference. I usually have a good eye about slight differences and there is literally 0. If you already have a similar palette with these colors, I’d advise you to skip this palette.
  • Sip Sip Hooray Super Shock Eyeshadow Trio $16: I’ve never had a bad thing to say on these and I’m ALWAYS talking about them LOL. These are beautiful on their own, or they can be a show stopping topper! Please just go try a couple out because they’re pretty life changing. I’m not even being over the top about this…I promise!
  • Pearlized Super Shock Blush $8 (each): ALL 3 of these blushes are beautiful and they blend so well! I’ve been loving putty and liquid blushes, bronzer & highlighters SO much. With getting older, my skin is getting dryer and powders just ain’t it for me anymore. It makes my face come alive with such a pretty glow! I would 100% buy these over again and all of these colors compliment my skin tone and I believe they will compliment quite a lot of skin tones which is awesome! I have 0 issues with these blushes!

*Not A Part Of This Collection Above*

  • Super Shock Shadow Ladybird $6: Ok so this is going to be my “holy grail” inner corner eye highlight! This color has been out of stock for the longest and it was finally brought back!

This soft ivory with multi-dimensional silver glitter brings out the best version of yourself.


I have never heard a better description then that! I know it’s so simple & basic but it’s just the prettiest final touch EVERY eye look would benefit from.

  • SOL Shimmering Body Powder Wild Orchid $14: STORY TIME. So I haven’t been shy about how I felt towards ColourPop last year. Well, they’ve won my heart back 100%! I had ordered 2 tubes of the self tanner and I ended up receiving 2 of these body powders instead. I emailed them, following all of their directions with sending all the pictures they needed and I received an email in LESS THAN 24 hrs! Awesome job #1 – nothing worse then companies taking DAYS to get back to you. My pictures didn’t go through for some reason and they asked me to send them again, and I did. They apologized for the screw up, let me keep the body powder and had my self tanner here within a week! Guys, now THAT’S customer service! They showed me they care about messing up and want to solve the issue as soon as they can. Also, I love free shit. Who doesn’t? It can just bring your day up knowing a company has your best interest at heart!

Back on track though, this makes a beautiful highlighter but lighter skin tones should be very light handed with it. I can see this being absolutely STUNNING on a darker complexion. If it’s too dark, you can always use it as shadow or even a blush! I really love the formula in these body powders. It’s a very super shock bouncy product that just goes on flawlessly. 100% worth it!

  • Level Up Lengthening Mascara Burgundy $9: This was a fun purchase to see how the color would come out. It’s a little difficult to see but I know it’s there and could complete an entire look with the collection above. Lengthening? Meh. It coats the lashes, doesn’t look shitty & I didn’t notice any clumping. I also didn’t notice any fall out or crumble. Overall, this is a fine mascara but I think colored mascara is only really noticeable if it’s a much brighter color. I’d pass on this one if I had the chance to order all over again. I’ll use a white lash primer next time to see if it gets brighter. Won’t hurt to try!

Ok my beautiful Rebels! It’s the end of the Valentine’s Day Collection according to me lol I hope you were able to add a few products on your list from here and it makes you happy if only for a moment! As always, thank you for your AMAZING support with loves, likes, comments & shares. I couldn’t do this alone without any of you putting up with my bullshit! Don’t forget, Skincare Basics: Serums, will be out tomorrow (2.2) @ 8 pm Est and please go check out all of my social media HERE to see what’s going on in the crazy world of beauty. Stay classy & make good choices!!!


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