The Oldest Palettes In My Collection

We all have those things that we just hold onto for our own reasons right? I have palettes. I can throw away a lip product or a blush and not even bat an eye. I physically have to hold my palettes and ask myself if it still give me joy. Most of them do because I bought them for important reasons, well important reasons to myself. Since this is my blog, that means these are my joys!

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly – Released Feb 2016. No longer available – $36.

I remember texting a friend about this and telling her “I don’t even know the price but I need this!” I never regretted this purchase EVER. First of all, It smells like a fluffer nutter sandwich and if you’re unaware of what that is, it’s a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich. The most on point peanut butter smell that’s synthetic (on the back it says: Don’t worry sweetie, this product doesn’t contain any actual peanuts) but I was just smitten as a kitten with it. I’m not even mad there wasn’t really a jelly smell because peanut butter is faaaaar superior. Bet. This is broken up into three sections, each of which contains three shades:

  • Soft & Sweet – Spread the Love (soft peachy pink w/ micro glitter), Peanut Butter (matte chocolaty brown) and Peanut Butter Cup (shimmery deep brown).
  • Rich & Creamy – Bananas (Shimmery soft gold), Peanut Brittle (shimmery brown copper) & Jammin’ (sparkly deep purple).
  • PB & J – Extra Creamy (matte white), Jelly (bright pop of shimmery grape) & Nuts About U (matte warm brown).

The only shade I really didn’t use was Extra Creamy. I’m not really sure what I would use that for and at the time I wasn’t defusing or really blending my eyeshadow for a seamless look (it’s amazing how cringe worthy that statement is right now lol). Well now I’m going to try that. Let me know of a fun way you use matte whites down below! Even though she’s 5 yrs old, I have no intention in getting rid of her. Yet.

Maybelline Lemonade Craze – Released April 2018. Available on Amazon – $7.30 (was $11 when I purchased it)

I saw this color story online and I fell in love – Again, I needed this! Who am I kidding, I needed all of these palettes. There isn’t a single matte in this group but some have super fine micro glitter that could be mistaken for matte if you don’t look close enough. This one has a smell but it’s not lemonade which was odd or maybe it kind of does? (Go ahead and imagine me getting this palette so close to my nose that I rub my nose in a color right now) I just can’t remember but something’s still lingering. On the Maybelline website they’re claiming a “citrus scent” and this is a mix of mattes and shimmers but I assure you there’s no solid mattes. I think this was one of the 1st palettes where I realized drugstore makeup was making a move on improving what they were dishing out to the consumer.

  • Sherbet – super light pink (almost peach) with a gold micro glitter
  • Citrus – Pink with shimmery gold
  • Berry Ice – Light pink with micro glitter
  • Strawberry Lemonade – Pink with shimmer
  • Ice Pop – Strawberry pink with micro glitter
  • Old Fashioned – Cool brown with micro glitter
  • Sunnies – Pale yellow with micro glitter
  • Lemonade Craze – Bright yellow with micro glitter
  • Coral Punch – Coral pink with micro glitter
  • Sugar Coated – Slight pink copper shimmer
  • Main Squeeze – Yellow gold shimmer
  • Sweet Tea – Light brown with micro glitter

With the color ‘Lemonade Craze,’ you had to build it. Yellow can be a difficult color to produce with great pigment even in the expensive palettes. The colors are super soft as well and weren’t chalky, just not the pigment we see today. I am so proud of drug store brands because they have really put the heat on all of those other brands that charge an arm and a leg!

Wet N Wild Pac – Man Game Over – Released July 2019 Available at as a set (palette, brush & blushlighter) $12.34 (I paid $70 for the entire PR package)

Pigment. Pigment. Pigment. This palette laid it down for me. These colors are SO vibrant. Only real issue is the reddish brown color. It’s like they stopped at the rainbow where green was and said “naw no green let’s do this odd “transition” color because we need to have at least one.” No. I’m sorry (but not really), everyone has a brown rolling around somewhere. They’re literally EVERYWHERE. I also broke the lid to this palette day 1 trying to open it. Just hulk smashed it like it owed me money. There wasn’t any designated names for each color but the orange was a shimmer, white was pretty much a glitter and the rest were mattes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam – Released March 2018 Available on Sephora $45 (I believe I purchased this for $42)

The best way to explain this palette is, sophistication is expensive! This was the 1st expensive palette that I bought and it didn’t disappoint. It really put me into the headspace that the only way you’re going to get a great eye look, is by buying expensive makeup and/or palette’s. Thank God that isn’t what’s going on today! The palette itself is wrapped in a light velvet camel color, a little weight to her and she came with an eyeshadow brush (pretty sure I lost it day 3). Inside there’s 14 pans of lush, soft and beautiful neutrals. The spectrum from left to right screams day time to night time looks. This is a 100% staple in my eyes. Although a neutral palette, it’s color story still has a good beginning and ending. I have hit pan in Fairy and will be so sad when it’s completely gone!

  • Tempera – Light pink matte
  • Dusty Rose – Matte (exactly what it’s called)
  • Glistening – Gold with a pink shift shimmer
  • Fairy – Gold with a gold shift shimmer
  • Orange Soda – Matte light orangy peach
  • Burnt Orange – Matte light brown with hints of orange
  • Rose Pink – Rosie pink shimmer
  • Sienna – Matte orangy brick
  • Sultry – Rosie pink metallic
  • Rustic – Matte basic brown (I really couldn’t explain this any better)
  • Bronze – Deep heavy gold metallic
  • Cyprus Umber – Cool matte brown
  • Mulberry – Matte cranberry
  • Noir – Matte black

So upon doing my swatches, I think we need to say adios to Lemonade craze and Game Over. They didn’t age well, at all. I think it’s honestly been awhile since I had used them and for that I must say good bye. Parting is such sweet sorrow my old friends. Also, I’m working on my camera skills and it’s been cloudy as hell so lighting was a bit rough. I’ll get better! Well that’s it my little rebels, thanks for being apart of this journey and I’ll see next week! Same bat time, same bat channel.


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