Smash or Pass: Is it Me? Or what? (Part 2)

Hello again my little Rebels! We’re back again for round 2 of: Smash or Pass! From the title I’m pretty sure you know what’s coming. To be fair, I hold on to things that might not work out once and I try it again, and again, and again. Sometimes makeup doesn’t vibe with your primer or skin care. It’s just a constant evolving wheel that I enjoy trying so my friends, family or followers don’t have to. Also taking into account the cost, I feel a lot better investing in drug store or small companies. Don’t get me wrong though, high end makeup is nice but there’s always a dupe around the corner that has the potential to possibly perform even better. As I’ve stated before, the companies charging $100 or more for a 6-8 pan palette need to watch out for the drug store because there will be an uprising of better performing makeup and I’m here for it! So let’s get started….

  • Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Eyeshadow Palette – Chilled : I tried guys. I really did. Primers, concealer, prayer…all of it. I wanted this to work so bad. This was a gorgeous palette and I think it was just a cheaper version of the Melt 420 palette ($58 Sephora) but a little larger. The 420 palette only had 10 pans but I know it was waaaaay better then this. The price tag was apparently worth it and I should of shelled out the other $43 to get the Melt one. If you look at the swatches, you’ll notice the matte’s didn’t go as far as the shimmers did. I probably dipped my finger in 2-3 times and it just had no pigment, it was dusty and also VERY chalky. They didn’t blend and when you thought you were getting somewhere, the damn palette laughed and all of a sudden the color was gone. The shimmers look gorgeous don’t they in these swatches? Yeah. Well they had other plans for my eye lids. I had to DIG to get anything and heaven forbid you even THINK of blending these in with the mattes. You need a glue for those glitters too. Or, they just drop where ever they feel like dropping. So here’s where I’m confused, I go on their site and this palette has 71 reviews with 5 STARS!!!!! I guess it just didn’t gel with me. There were of course a handful of shades I really liked but out of 18 pans, maaaaybe 5? I will give their shadows another try because they do have some really affordable and great makeup and I’ve tried the shadows twice. Probably won’t be very soon though, I’m still a little salty lol. I did, however, love the Conceal & Define Foundation for $12?!?!!? I mean, it really was a concealer and foundation in 1, full coverage, dewy and did a good job lasting so I won’t give up on them just yet. Clearly this was a PASS (Revolution Beauty $15).
  • Hard Candy Just Glow – Rose Gold Highlighter: Beautiful right? You’ll notice there’s 3 different shades is this pan. Champagne, pink and I would say a light bronze or copper. It was beautiful but if I got too much of the bronze color, it would turn into a highlighter that doesn’t mesh well with my complexion. I would just aim for the champagne and pink part and it worked. Only down fall was it was gone within a couple hours and it just didn’t last. I’m not one to apply powder or setting spray through out the day. I don’t carry purses that will allow me to bring all the tools I need to fix and I’m honestly not that pressed to do it either. Call me lazy, but I spend the time I need to to begin with and I’m at peace with it. So this is going away because of longevity. Hard Candy is also a brand that always gets me with packaging and price. I believe I need to overlook all of that and remember the countless products from Hard Candy I’ve trashed or given away and end the relationship (brow product below that I actually loved) – PASS ( $5.97).
  • ColourPop Jelly Much Shadow – Sage Bundle: I’m a hardcore ColourPop fan and you all know this. This was my first Jelly Much Shadow from them and if you look at the picture closely you’ll see chunks because it got a bit hard and I never left it open for a long period of time. I noticed it was it was a bit chunky at first try and it didn’t glide at all. I’ve probably had it for maybe 6 months now and it has completely hardened. I sprayed it with setting spray but it wasn’t having it. I got this for that bright pop in the inner corner of my eye and its never worked well. Hey! No ones perfect and this just wasn’t for me – PASS ( $9).
  • BH Cosmetics Cashmere Cream – Thirsty: I promise you guys I have really good products from this company but it always seems I have something negative to say lol. I’ll have to do my BH favorites for sure at some point and I’m waiting for a good sale with them do try some more of their newer products in hopes the formula improved. This was on sale and I wanted to try it knowing it wasn’t a matte. This was super creamy but there was just a weird consistency for me and it smelled/tasted (yes taste, it’s on my lips so I end up tasting it) like crayons. Due to it being a cream, it didn’t last very long. These are actually on sale right now but this specific color isn’t available. I’ll link the page if you want to check out what colors are left – PASS ( $3.15).
  • Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink – Loyalist: I know this has super high reviews and there’s a lot of people that love this line of matte lips. Not only did I get this one, but I also got a darker wine shade just to make sure it wasn’t just this shade. On me, these mattes peel and pill on me. It’s super gross! It starts as soon as they dry down and if you incorporate food or drink it happens faster so these don’t last. It’s the strangest thing because I don’t think any of my other mattes do this. Looking at the reviews online there’s a few people describing my situation so I don’t feel so crazy – PASS ( $9.49).
  • BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick – No longer available and the writing has worn off: This was an AMAZING liquid matte lipstick!!! It wasn’t chunky and it certainly didn’t peel on me. It lasted a decent amount of time and I really loved the color. It was a very neutral pink so it went with a lot of my crazy eyeshadow looks. I’m surfing around on their website and it looks like they’re either getting ready to release a new line or just not carrying a lot of lip products anymore. Either way, I’m really sad this lip product isn’t available anymore – SMASH.
  • Benefit Fool Proof Brow Powder – 3 (Medium): My beginning relationship with my eyebrows was powder. It was the best way for me to get into getting used to it. If you look closely, it looks like I was digging into the pan. I was. I really was. There wasn’t the amazing pigment I needed so I believe it’s for people who want to just lightly fill in their brows and that’s ok. I love this brand and I’ve had so many great products, but when it isn’t good, it isn’t good. You’ll notice on my Home page a week ago, I loved the powder and cream eyebrow duo from Benefit. The powder is actually a little too pigmented and I have to use it carefully. This just wasn’t it for me and I’m glad it was something I got in a subscription box awhile ago – PASS ( $17 on Sale).
  • ColourPop No Filter Concealer – Fair 02: You can see this has definitely been used. This was the first concealer from ColourPop I ever grabbed from Ulta. They were actually sold out of the color I needed so I grabbed the lighter shade and boy was it brightening! A little too bright, but it was such a good formula and it covered the dark circles. Unfortunately for me, it was a matte concealer so it didn’t look the best settling in my fine lines but they all do soooo yeah. I’ve now moved over to the Pretty Fresh Creamy Concealer and I’m in LOVE! So with that being said, there’s no need to repurchase this matte concealer again – PASS ( $7).
  • Wet N Wild Creme Blush – Rose In Peace: First off, I’m pretty mad at myself for not getting in on this entire line when they released Rebel Rose. It was so me – skulls, black & roses! Not too long ago I found the rose brushes so that made me happy and I scooped this up because it was the only thing left on the site. This is a color changing blush that claims the pH activated ingredients adjust to each person for a unique color. The consistency is almost like a “lip gloss” sheen and it took awhile to turn a “pink” shade. It was a really cool concept but it wasn’t for me. The issue I had with it was the consistency, it made my makeup move under it. I put it on top and under foundation and with every foundation I had. I think the best way for this to work is on bare skin and it would probably make it look super glossy with a healthy glow. I think this would be a really pretty look but that’s not how I roll. Again, I do love the concept but the formula needs to be revisited – PASS (sold out).
  • Hard Candy Brows Now! Fiber Brow Gel – Medium/Dark: This was actually pretty good for what it’s worth (I know, I swore them off above lol)! Very tiny wand for a clean and natural look. Some days I just want that “barely there but my brows are filled in” look. I did use this all the way through and it lasted me about 6 months. Some of the wands on other brow gels are too big, get messy and you have to clean them up constantly. That’s not my life, I’m pretty lazy, I know lol. I would definitely say this is a really good starter brow product because it’s so easy to use and it isn’t heavy or pigmented – SMASH ( $6.20 Out of Stock).

Ok so that’s it! These products are all going in the trash. I’ve had them for far too long because it always takes me a long time to finally throw them out. Even if I have doubts, I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt and try them every which way I can. There are some products that either go straight to another person (after I sanitize them) or straight to the trash if it’s really bad. You probably think I waste so much money on drugstore products and that’s really not the case! I have a lot of hope and confidence in our drug store brands as I’ve mentioned before. It should honestly be a crime selling makeup for a lot of the price points out there that are over the top. Especially, since the cost of manufacturing makeup isn’t a secret. Holding an expensive makeup product in cheap packaging is the most disappointing feeling in the world! With that being said, you’re going to see a lot of Indie brands or drugstore makeup in my blogs. I will occasionally feature some high end brands but just so you know, I really investigate it before I purchase them.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me and make sure you follow me on all of my social media! Stay classy & make good decisions xoxo.

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