The Addams Family x HipDot

Hello Rebels! Welcome to the 3rd installment of Halloween makeup in October. The 1st thing that caught my eye was this fun box (it’s the simple things). This set screams “Morticia’s cult favorites” when it comes to colors. Hipdot kept this very simple and to the point, which is really nice sometimes. The actual packaging with everything in this set feels and looks surprisingly high end for the price. I’m especially impressed with the bullet lipsticks and the weight of the eyeshadow packaging. The only downfall I’m experiencing is, under the description it said, “velvet lined box.” I’m super aware of how velvet should feel. This ain’t it. I would of said “Lined with thick red card stock paper.” So that one was an odd occurrence of wording and description. Ok enough of this chatter bullshit, go ahead and leave your beauty standards at the door and take a journey with me…

Here you’ll see the portion of non-makeup that’s apart of the set. I spoke of the box above but included a couple more shots. The pin you see on the last bottom picture is a collectable pen that says “Black is such a happy color.” I’ve never been a steady pin collector like some people, but I relate to this pin very much lol. It’s a fun thing makeup doesn’t always do and its refreshing. I’ll also save the box with all of my other empty box sets. I’m a sucker for fun packaging, what can I say?

In this picture you can see the bullet lipsticks and all of the detail in them. I would say this brand is a middle of the road kind of priced brand. It’s not super cheap but it’s also not high end either. These are really smooth and creamy – not really a soft matte at all. These definitely stay creamy for the entire wear and you’ll need to reapply during the day/night . Cleopatra is a very very true red in my opinion. It would be that one red you need in your collection for special occasions and whatnot. The grey one has a tinge of violet and I couldn’t be more happy with that one. It’s hilarious, I’ve never owned a black lipstick in my life and here I am this month with a bullet & liquid lipstick. I will probably get creative on their uses when it comes to makeup so this should be fun (set of 3 for $24).

This palette “Spells & Hexes,” couldn’t be anymore simpler then it is here. If you’re trying to feed your inner emo, this certainly will satisfy that craving. It’s not very often you find a really good black. They tend to be dusty and hard to blend. Hipdot did a really good job with putting a matte and a metallic black here in this palette so you have a choice. What’s really funny is your attention goes to the black and white but you can still do a neutral look with this or a beautiful glam look as well. Emo, Glam & Natural people REJOICE! This palette shows me it’s not a 1 trick pony when it comes to being able to do different looks (Spells & Hexes Palette $24).

This was definitely a short review but I’m pretty happy with how this small set came to be and the formulas are easy to work with. In the movies, Morticia Addams was never a complicated woman. She knew what she wanted and this release nailed it!

This entire set is sold out but you can grab the palette and lipsticks as a set HERE.

Hope you’re enjoying Halloween Make up month with me because I’ve enjoyed having you on this magical journey. Remember to find me on all of my social media accounts HERE. As always Rebels, stay classy & make good decisions!

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